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Wondering how much your alarm company is worth?

Now you can get a quick reliable analysis!

Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum, P.C. offers four different levels of evaluation and services, see below.
To find out what your alarm company is worth select the level of review you would like based on how much detail you would like to receive in your analysis. While we do not offer any guarantees, we do attempt to provide you with the results of what your alarm company is worth within 24-48 hours of receipt of your order.

Be advised that your company data and the evaluation is strictly confidential and only the email address you provide us will be provided with the results of our analysis.


Quick Evaluation Data (Complete all applicable information)

Credit Card:

Card Holder's Name (as it appears on credit card):

(3 digit code from back of VISA/MC/DISC card)

Subscriber Information

What percentage of your subscribers are:


What percentage of your subscribers are:


Recurring Monthly Revenue

Break-down your recurring monthly revenue for each service offered:

RMR for Monitoring:


RMR for Service:


RMR for Leased Equipment:


RMR for Residential v. Commercial:


(Months in arrears)

What percentage of RMR do you bill:



Is your company properly licensed on the State and local level(s) for all services you perform?
Do you have errors and omission insurance?

Do you have pending claims?

Subscriber Contracts

Do you use Kirschenbaum Contracts?
Do you use other written contracts that have been approved by your insurance company?
Were all contracts executed by both parties?

Are you in a state that requires notice of automatic renewal?
Do you provide automatic renewal notice?

Company Information

Are you looking to stay in the alarm business post-sale?
Are there key employees or other employees available to continue working post-sale?
Have key employees signed a non-compete?
Are there likely to be alarm companies in your area or outside your area that may be interested in buying your accounts?

Are you under any impediment to sell business assets or the subscriber accounts, i.e., to a dealer program or central station?
Are there direct competitors in your area?

May we contact you for additional information, if necessary?


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