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Healthcare Preventative Compliance and Defense Order Form


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Required Notice of Privacy Practices covering allowable uses and disclosures of protected health information for patients, compliant with HIPAA as updated by the Final Omnibus Rule. Required by September 2013. $350.00
Required Security Policy for staff use covering technical and administrative safeguards to electronic protected health information. Required NOW. $375.00
Protect your Practice from the threat of identity theft by adopting this Red Flag Policy for staff training and use. $230.00
Adopt proper breach notification protocol so that your practice knows how to respond to a potential breach of protected health information in compliance with recently updated requirements. $375.00
Ensure your patients are providing proper consent for uses and disclosures with this consent for disclosure form. Make sure you are communicating properly via email and on the phone with your patients. $275.00
Protect your practice's earnings by adopting a firm payment policy for patient execution. $75.00
The Office for Civil Rights (the "HIPAA Police") requires practices have specific policies on file for Patient Use and Staff Training. Be sure to comply by purchasing our package of required policies. Required policies for Patient Use and Staff Training. $400.00
Make sure your relationships with third parties are structured properly and that you have a proper business associate agreement in place. $375.00
Not sure you have the most up to date or correct patient privacy forms? Our HIPAA package includes required HIPAA forms, staff training guides and required office policies for protected health information compliance. The All in One includes over TWENTY useful documents including: a Security Policy for electronic PHI, a Red Flags Policy protecting against identity theft, a regulatory compliant Business Associate Agreement, a Privacy Policy and much more. $2,200.00
By purchasing this compliance plan you are adopting recommended Office of Inspector General billing guidelines, as well as New York State Medicaid Compliance requirements (required for certain practices ordering or receiving >$500k NYS Medicaid $). Protect your practice's revenue by protecting your billing process. $2,225.00
Practice protection starts and ends oftentimes with employee conduct. Make sure your staff knows what is and is not acceptable by adopting a comprehensive employee handbook. Our employee handbook provides a complete policy for your staff that establishes required and acceptable conduct. $900.00
Ensure your practice is properly adhering to controlled substance distribution and prescription requirements by adopting a Prescription Monitoring Program. Each policy is modified to conform with State requirements. $1500.00
Comply with NY Surprise Bill Law by adopting proper disclosure forms, compliance policy and notifications. $850
Looking for representation or require assistance? Contact Jennifer
Kirschenbaum, Esq. at (516) 747-6700 x. 302 or at

Looking for representation or require assistance that is not a standardized form? Contact Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq. at (516) 747-6700 x. 302 or at
Include service, defense and collection provisions. $375.00
Complies with HIPAA Rules, effective September 2013 $275.00
Compliance with Office of Inspector General billing guidelines. Protect your Company's revenue by protecting your billing process. $2,225.00
Adopt proper HIPAA, Security and Breach Notification policies and procedures for your Company. $1,250.00
Protection starts and ends oftentimes with employee conduct. Our employee handbook provides a complete policy for your staff that establishes required and acceptable conduct. $900.00
Looking for representation or require assistance? Contact Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq. at (516) 747-6700 x. 302 or at
Training Sessions
  1 Learn how to use your new compliance program effectively with a 1 hour conference call training session. $300.00
Schedule in-office training by an approved Kirschenbaum Consultant for yourself and your staff to learn how to effectively use your new compliance program. (Applicable to all NYS downstate residents and some upstate residents depending on location. Travel costs are not included in price.) $1,500.00
Attend Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum, P.C., training seminar via teleconference or in-person. (Call Eileen at (516) 747-6700 to find out our next seminar date.) $100.00
If you would like an attorney to contact you to discuss customizing your forms to include policies that address your practice's unique and specific day-to-day operations please select this box. TBD after phone consultation.
Customized Policy, Complaint Form and Employee Agreement with contractual protections for employer and INDEMNIFICATION by Employee for Offenses. $450.00
Description: You pick the day and time and we will provide a Live training session by webinar for your staff - we will consult with you beforehand by phone so we can best assess your company's main areas of concern, or potential weaknesses. Your employees will have an opportunity to ask questions live on webinar or to email us after with concerns or complaints. $550.00
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