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Zwirn's challenge to UL combined burg/fire panel heats up
January 7, 2021
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Zwirn's challenge to UL combined burg/fire panel heats up  
            There is a significant development regarding UL that happened last week. UL confirmed in writing that they failed to test a combination listed burg/fire control unit despite it being required in both UL and NFPA 72 Standards. In response to a package (see video below) I sent to the CEO and President of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.  Jennifer Scanlon, she directed UL’s Principal Engineer, Mr. Lawrence Shudak to prepare a formal response.  I believe, and my interpretation is, that UL’s response consists of false claims and deception. 
            UL’s written admissions are shocking to me because UL and NFPA Standards are adopted into building and fire codes across the country making them statutory duties from which no equipment manufacturer or alarm contractor can deviate. To underscore UL’s failure, Johnson Controls confirmed in a separate letter that their alarm panel does not comply with UL 985 and NFPA 72.
            The YouTube link below reviews UL’s letter and then tests Johnson Controls DSC Power-Series Pro Control Unit. I believe the video demonstrates how UL did not meet their own published standards and NFPA 72 Standards.
            Video Link of UL Letter:
            The conduct of UL and Johnson Controls should be examined carefully. Consumers, alarm contractors, and AHJs across the country all rely on equipment manufacturers to provide them with a safe and reliable product especially when it comes to an alarm system providing life safety protection. However, I believe the Johnson Controls burg/fire Control Unit catastrophically fails and provides NO ALARM WARNING of the fire within the home. The Central Station receives NO FIRE ALARM SIGNAL(S). Once the system fails, as demonstrated in the video, there is no longer a window of opportunity afforded to occupants within the home so that they can escape from the fire.
     I have forensically investigated cases and claims and I believe some of these injuries are attributable to the combined burg/fire panels.  Consumers and Alarm Dealers have trusted UL and Johnson Controls with the lives of their families, customers, and the success of their company. What should an alarm dealer do?
Thank you. 
Jeffrey D. Zwirn  President
Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS CFE, SET, FASI&T, CHPA-IV, MBAT, NFPA 3000(PS)
IDS Research & Development, Incorporated
46 West Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, New Jersey 07670
Phone: 201-227-2559
            Alarm companies do have a duty to select equipment they believe will adequately perform as intended.  Certainly no dealer should continue to use equipment it believes is non-performing or dangerous.  Jeff makes a compelling argument but every alarm company is tasked with choosing and evaluating equipment for themselves, and you can rely on equipment selected by professionals the alarm industry relies upon.
            Forgive me for even straying into the technical area, but it sounds like Jeff is claiming that with the burg/fire combined panel, if there is an opening, or short, in the burg system the fire system won't be able to send a signal.  If that's the case, it's a problem.  As I understand it, a burglar alarm system has to be activated; it's turned on and o off by the end user.  A fire alarm however remains active at all times; it is never turned off, except for testing and inspection. What does this have to do with the combined panel?  The argument is that the fire side should not be affected by the burg side; not quite tantamount to being able to turn the fire system off, but close enough.
            Turning to something I do know something about, and related, is what contract you use when contracting for combined burg/fire.  It's the Commercial All in One.  Preferably use both, the Commercial Security All in One for the security system and the Commercial Fire All in One for the fire alarm system.  The Schedule of Equipment and Services in the Commercial Security All in One will indicate that the panel is a combined burg/fire panel and part of the fire alarm system.  For those of you who always install fire and then the security, you can use the Fire All in One with Security Rider.  For residential you don't have to choose; the Residential All in One covers fire and security in one contract.
            These contracts are on sale now.  Don't miss out on this sale.  And, don't delay.  You are already going to have to wait weeks to have your order processed.  If you wait until the last day of the sale, January 12, 2021, you may have to wait a month or more.  You won't be able to get to the front of the production line no matter how clever your line is or how compelling your plea is.  First to order is first to be processed. 

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