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When you need gas and other utility shut off for alarm installation / notice of contract updates
April 26, 2021
When you need gas and other utility shut off for alarm installation
          Installation of some alarm systems is going to require shutting off the utility service before the installation can be made.  The issue was brought to my attention by fire alarm expert Wayne Wahrsager of Commercial Fire in New York who advised that NYC Fire Department is requiring gas and carbon dioxide detectors as part of the approved fire alarm systems.  It’s likely similar requirements are already in place in your jurisdiction or on the way.
          Shutting off or down utility service should be and is beyond the scope of most alarm technicians, and in any event, likely beyond the scope of the license they operate under.  These utility services need to be attended to by licensed plumbers or electricians or other licensed professionals. 
          It should be crystal clear in your alarm contract that you are not responsible for dealing with the utility service, gas or electric.  It should be the subscriber’s responsibility to contract with licensed professionals to perform their respective licensed services, and it needs to be clear that the subscriber needs to make these arrangements in a timely manner so that your alarm installation is not delayed.
          The Fire All in One and the Residential All in One have been updated to include a provision covering the above.  This update follows the other update recently made for water shut off valves.
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