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What’s going rate? / What’s this going to cost me 
January 16, 2021
What’s going rate?
            I’m wanting to buy a friends accounts, what is the going rate? 
No name
            I love this question, almost as much as the next one.  Am I really expected to offer an opinion on what the multiple should be for this deal when I know as much as you do from reading the question?  Of course not.  What alarm accounts are worth can range from zero to 60 or more times recurring monthly revenue.  Where your accounts fit in depend on many factors, including, you guessed it, the form contract you are using and the manner in which you get it executed.  Then how you perform your services and run your operation contributes to valuation; where you send your signals and how you send your signals.  Are the accounts residential or commercial; intrusion or fire or other systems; is there repair service or inspection RMR?  
            You want a quick valuation?  Go to
            Ultimately the accounts are worth what seller will let them go for and what you’re willing to pay.  Give it some thought while think of some other clever way to answer this question and the next one.
What’s this going to cost me
            I am close to making a deal to buy accounts.  How much will it cost me to retain your service?  I’m tight on funds.
Name withheld
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            I have this building I’d like you to install an intrusion, fire, access control system in, and once I move in, give me a Pers device; repair plan, inspection and monitoring included for 5 years.  How much will it cost?  I’m tight on funds.
            Kind of tough to price out a job when no information is provided.  It’s also kind of tough to price out a job even if you do know what’s involved but you don’t know how difficult the other side is going to be.  [in your case, the AHJ; in my case, the other party and the other attorney, accountant or banker].  So you don’t know if my building is a stand-alone barber shop 600 sq foot building in a town with no AHJ for fire codes, or a skyscraper in NYC with 110 floors [I wish].
            Legal transactional fees can range from $2000 to over $100,000.  If you’re asking it’s likely you’re at the lower end of the spectrum.  But lucky you, you get the same quality service as the guy at the other end of the spectrum, just not as much service.  Rest assure, if you’re selling you’ll end up with your money, and if you’re buying you’ll end up with the accounts.  Best of all, no deal I have participated in has gone to litigation, yet.  [my dog hasn’t bitten anyone either, yet].  
            Seriously, legal fees are based on time devoted and though I can assure you I will spend as little time as I can, I will have to spend all the time needed to protect your interests.  At K&K we have the resources to represent the smallest deal to the largest.  I hope you won’t hesitate contacting me or Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq at 516 747 6700 x 302 or for your transactional legal needs.

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