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Whats Covid-19 like in New York
May 9, 2020
Whats Covid-19 like in New York  
          I live in Rochester and while COVID19 is hitting us, we here in Rochester feel it hasn’t hit like it has been if you read the news. Just curious, how are things in your area? Is it as bad as the media says it is? I think Rochester dodged the bullet unlike NYC.
          Would love to hear from you as to how things are there.
          To your success, safety and security,
          Well, thanks for asking.  It’s like stepping into the Twilight Zone or a horror movie about the apocalypse.  Restaurants and shops closed.  My office window looks out at what was one of the most successful Malls in America, Roosevelt Field.  It sits empty.  Its anchor stores, Neiman Marcus and Penny’s may not open.  A new chain Italian restaurant will need a miracle to open and the other chain restaurants are not likely to see many customers when they do open.  The AMC movie theater that recently completed a total restoration installing the reclining seats, is going to be in trouble; probably not enough room to turn it into a “drive-in” [many of you may have heard of a drive-in movie theater, but not many are likely to have actually seen a movie at one of them, like I have].  
          Construction stopped down here in New York City metropolitan area.  That effected the alarm industry too, especially the fire alarm and access control business.  So while the professionally installed systems have experienced slow down, the DIY operators are biting at the heels of the traditional dealers continuing to chip away market share.  
          On a bright side, while most businesses are closed, the alarm industry jumped on the band wagon of the “security” industry, which is deemed essential in New York and federally, and was permitted to operate.  New employment issues arose and K&K’s employment department was busy with those issues.  K&K quickly created a Covid-19 PPP Program team, and those staff are still busy with that work.  The PPP funds made a significant difference for those who were lucky enough to get funded, and we are just starting to see how that plays out, but I am sure it will be very advantageous to the alarm industry because the alarm industry can operate and generate business and money during the PPP program period, May 1 to June 30.  Other businesses are not so lucky; they remain closed and their employees will be paid with PPP funds for not working and those businesses will not be generating business or money during this period, so far.  
          This virus is serious business and employees and customers are demanding a big change in operations.  Face masks, shoe coverings and gloves are adding to operational expense.  Customers refuse to let technicians in their home or business; technicians refuse to come to the office or go out on service calls; new construction is stalled.  But guess what’s not stalled?  Rent; utility, taxes, central station charges, insurance premiums and a host of other business expenses that need to get paid if you want to avoid filing for bankruptcy protection or just disappear.  
          We may be back to normal soon, whatever that means.

Reaching K&K during the lock down
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