Posted: March 19, 2020

     One of the requirements when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, whether you are a business or an individual, is to attend a 341 meeting of creditors. At the meeting, the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case will examine you under oath. But before the trustee even begins to ask you any questions, you will have to prove your identity. You must have a valid photo ID (most common is a driver’s license) and your social security card in order to go forward. Your creditors may also attend the meeting and ask questions, although they typically do not attend. The questions will mostly be related to your financial affairs, any assets you own and the debt you incurred. The 341 meeting is a tool to verify the information contained in your bankruptcy petition and schedules. Typically, there are multiple debtors scheduled for their 341 meetings at the same time, so they will hear your case while waiting for their own.

     Once the trustee concludes asking questions your meeting will either be closed or adjourned depending on whether or not further documentation and/or information is required. If the trustee requires additional information, you may be required to appear at a continued 341 meeting.    

     It is highly recommended that you are represented by an experienced bankruptcy attorney when filing for Chapter 7 and your attorney will appear at the 341 meeting with you. Your attorney will prepare you in advance of the meeting and go over any potential issues that may come up, and usually will try to resolve them beforehand by reaching out to the trustee.


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