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What steps can I take to prepare my alarm company for sale
December 5, 2023
What steps can I take to prepare my alarm company for sale

          There are many articles on the topic of how best to insure the highest price for your alarm accounts.  All K&K articles are archived on the K&K website at
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          Getting your alarm company [or accounts if not the entire company] for sale is something you should be planning from the beginning of your operation and keep a close eye on it thereafter until you're ready to sell.  You can’t begin to think about it too soon.  
         In order to be prepared and in the position of getting the most for your alarm accounts, adopt best practices now; you won't be sorry.
          Here are a few suggestions for best practices:
  *  have your alarm monitoring accounts on lines you can move.  That means your own dedicated lines.  Companies using can move the accounts with a flip of the switch, though the new central station will need the customer data to receive the accounts.  Be sure your central station is willing to provide you with all your customer records both electronically and paper format.  The best central stations cooperate when their dealer [in good standing] requests assistance moving accounts.
  *  have all your subscribers sign Standard Form Agreements and make sure the execution process is correct
  *  have all employees sign a Standard Form Employment Agreement
  *  be sure you’ve made the best deal with your central station, not just price, but terms.  Use the Rider for Central Station Dealer Agreement to focus on the most important issues in the cs dealer agreement
  *  carry sufficient E&O insurance coverage
  *  use quality equipment
  *  do quality work
  *  build your RMR, especially the monitoring RMR, but the repair service and inspection RMR too
  *  keep proper records
  *  don’t spend more than you make and more than you can afford; avoid debt
  *  pay your taxes
  *  don’t over extend your operation; good customer service is essential
  *    Become a Concierge Client of K&K and have a close working relationship with us.  We are here for you from start to finish.
  *  K&K will represent your legal needs in a sale or purchase of alarm accounts or operation
  *  KK will "broker" your deal by finding a buyer; no locked-in term contract is required, pay a reduced commission of one-month RMR, no exclusive broker relationship is required, and you can cancel at any time.  We only broker companies when we are also your counsel. 

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