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What happened to Chelsea’s [or Kelsey's or Kelso's] nuts
February 2, 2021
What happened to Chelsea’s [or Kelsey's or Kelso's] nuts from article on January 26, 2021
            Those of you who regularly read these articles know that spelling isn’t my strong point [common among lawyers I’m told – probably to make me feel better].  So I definitely confused this issue because I was thinking of Kelso’s nuts, not Chelsea’s nuts, which turns out to be Kelsey’s nuts, though I was thinking about Kelso's nuts.  I know you don’t want to start your day without clearing this mystery up about dead nuts.
            Here are few responses re the origin of “dead as Chelsea’s nuts”.
Kelsey’s nuts, not Chelsea’s nuts
            Ha, not even Google can answer the origin of Dead as Chelsea’s nuts
Bart Didden
            Haven’t heard that expression in a while. This seems pretty comprehensive. I had a driver’s Ed teacher who was fond of using it. 
            I’m told it’s an expression that former US President Richard Nixon was rather fond of using. Like other Americans before and since, he meant by it that something was unquestionably and permanently defunct.
            You might hear somebody say “The battery’s deader than Kelsey’s nuts”, or “His chances of surviving the election are deader than Kelsey’s nuts”.
            That takes care of the meaning, but who or what was Kelsey and what was so special about those nuts? He turns out to have been a real person, John Kelsey, one of the pioneers of car manufacture in the USA. With the encouragement of Henry Ford, he set up the Kelsey Wheel Company in 1910. By 1913 this was based in Windsor, Ontario, just across the river from Detroit. To start with, he manufactured the wooden wheels that were then state of the art, but later moved into making wire-spoke wheels and later steel wheels. As Kelsey-Hayes Canada Ltd, the company still exists.
            The saying refers to the proverbially secure attachment provided by the nuts and bolts on the wheels that Kelsey’s company made. In the view of the public, nothing could be fixed more tightly. And the obvious anatomical innuendoes in those nuts made the saying just a little naughty.  Though some examples are recorded from the 1930s, the phrase began to become more widely known in the 1950s.  Early on, it appeared as “tighter than Kelsey’s nuts” to mean a person who was stingy or mean, and is also recorded in the form “as safe as Kelsey’s nuts”, meaning very safe.  By the early 1960s, it had evolved away from these fairly obvious formations to the imaginative and metaphorical phrase still used today.
            It would appear to have been a close parallel to — perhaps borrowed from — the much older as dead as a doornail.
            It’s amazing what an internet search will do. Use of the phrase also is an indicator of our age.  Next you’ll be speaking of a brass monkey
Joseph Hayes
Kelso’s nuts
            Years ago I saw this term used in a pool book to describe a combination that couldn't be missed (I think). It may have been in Mastering Pool by George Fels. I always thought the meaning of the term was that Kelso had been deceased for a long time hence his nuts were too.
            Now I read today that Kelso was a horse that had been gelded to try to tame him, giving a completely new meaning to "deader than Kelso's nuts". He was a helluva horse who won Horse of the Year five times. He was just barely too old to race in the Triple Crown races in 1960 or so. The horse was so wild that nobody would ride him until a man came along who did train him. That man was Carl Hanford and he died eight days ago at 95 years old.
Unnamed source on google search
    I actually saw Kelso race at Saratoga, NY and even won money on the race.  Guess it's been buried in my subconscious.  I thought the saying meant the horse and its nuts were dead.  KK
Kelso (April 4, 1957 – October 16, 1983) was an American thoroughbred race horse considered among the best racehorses in history. In the list of the top 100 U.S. thoroughbred champions of the 20th Century by The Blood-Horse magazine, Kelso ranks 4th, behind only Man o' War (1st), Secretariat (2nd) and Citation (3rd). In his long career, Kelso defeated many leading Thoroughbred racehorses including Carry BackGun BowBald EagleTompionNever BendBeau PurpleQuadrangleRoman BrotherCrimson SatanJaipurRidan and Pia Star, as well as other top thoroughbreds, often conceding weight under handicap conditions. In doing so, Kelso beat more champions and Hall of Fame horses than any other thoroughbred racehorse in the 20th Century.
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