Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

November 1, 2022


Hi Jennifer,

My website developer will not return or answer my phone calls. The designer has not stated any intentions but has allowed the site to be down for weeks due to the lack of renewal payment for the use of GoDaddy. How can I gain control of my website? By the way, the Domain name is the name of my business.

Thank you, 


1.  We, your counsel, steps in to review and confirm your rights under your arrangement with the webdesigner. 

2.  Counsel seeks immediate engagement and resolution through webdesigner.  

3. If, still no traction, and/or contemporaneously, we seek intervention from the hosting company. 

4. If 1-3 fail to yield results, we look to a "theft" report (if supported by contract), and consider a litigation solution - demanding immediate relief, court ordered. 

Without seeing what you have signed with the webdesigner, I cannot say what rights you have to site access.  Oftentimes webdesigner contracts will have the designer maintaining ownership and control unless you negotiate BEFORE execution.  Let's see what you signed and go from there.  This question, while a good topic to raise for the newsletter, is definitely one where we need a one on one consult and strategy.