W. Va. Code § 46A-2-135 (2006)
§ 46A-2-135 Buyer's duty; seller's right; no compensation for certain

Within a reasonable time for a home solicitation sale has been cancelled
or an offer to purchase has been revoked, the seller may demand and receive
any goods delivered by him to the buyer as the result of the home
solicitation sale. The buyer shall not be obligated to tender such goods to
the seller at any place other than the buyer's residence. If the seller
fails to demand possession of goods within such reasonable time, such goods
shall become the buyer's property without any obligation to pay for them.
For the purposes of this section, twenty days shall be presumed to be a
reasonable time. The buyer shall take reasonable care of such goods in his
possession before cancellation or revocation and for a reasonable time
thereafter, during which time the goods are otherwise at the seller's risk.
Where the seller has performed any service pursuant to a home solicitation
sale prior to its cancellation or prior to giving the statement required in
section one hundred thirty-three [§ 46A-2-133] of this article, he shall
not be entitled to any compensation for such performance.