November 7, 2023

I’m planning to incorporate a fellowship program into my practice. How should I go by thinking about this? 

Dr. L

Good question. Typically, the practice providing space for a fellow is not the actual employer of the fellow; however, the practice is the responsible supervising party for patient care while the fellow is on site.   Important items to figure out are: (1) who is paying for what, and (2) who is protected for what?  Normally, the hospital is the record employer of each fellow and will incur the cost for the fellow's wages and benefits, including malpractice insurance.  And, since the practice will have a little vetting ability, the hospital typically takes contractual responsibility for the fellows actions outside of the scope of their authorized duties assigned by the practice. The program you plan on working with will likely present you a draft agreement. Once you’ve received the proposed agreement send it over with the terms you think you agreed to and will make sure it’s in sign-able form.