Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

April 11, 2023


Hi Jennifer,

In my new employment agreement I see I can elect health insurance.  How do I understand the impact if I do take insurance?  Will the employer explain?  Any advice? 

Thank you for your feedback!

Dr. O


Really good question and one that is easily overlooked.   Your health insurance cost, contribution and benefit are all part of your collective compensation package, and should be evaluated with the same focus we place on base salary and signing bonuses (frankly, more focus than a sign on bonus, which is a 1 time payment).  The cost of an elected benefit such as health insurance will impact each paycheck, depending on your level of employee contribution.   Pretty much every single employer will require you pay a portion of your health benefits, which means you will have a direct impact on your take home pay from (likely) each paycheck.   Most employers will offer a capped amount of match or contribution as part of your comp package.   Make sure you (and/or your advisor) understands your options so you can maximize benefits... 

For a recommendation for an advisor to assist in assessing health benefits, email Taryn for a few names.