May 2, 2024

We have an abusive patient harassing our staff each time the patient visits. We cannot tolerate the behavior any more. Can we terminate the patient relationship and how do you recommend we do so?

Thank you for your advice. 
Dr. L

So long as you are not in the middle of a course of care that would be interrupted with a transition, you absolutely can terminate a patient and direct them to another resource, such as their insurance company, to find alternative care. I recommend also making clear their record is available for release upon proper request/consent by the patient (as the record is their record, but you are custodian, you need consent to release).  The best way to effectuate is by a Letter sent to the patient's provided address.  Send a physical copy in a trackable manner.  If you want us to check or draft the letter, let us know.  Patients do not have a right to see you.  You can absolutely dismiss a patient. Some easy signs may be on the way in - a patient refusing to sign your demographic, financial and HIPAA forms, etc is a major red flag....