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Still more on Are you having problem with Honeywell/Resideo communication

May 8, 2024
Still more on Are you having problem with Honeywell/Resideo communication from article on April 29, 2024
          Finally,  I have been saying this for the last year, and everybody says “its just you” nobody else is having a problem.  I’m happy to see / sorry to see other people having the same problems.  We have been stuck replacing them for free.  We are not sure what to do going forward.  
          Your email blast concerning problems with Honeywell/Resideo communications was brought up in our staff meeting.  I would like to add my input if possible.
          I totally agree with these comments. A lot of accounts have frequent dropouts. We have to power cycle several times to get the radios to register or connect with compass. We have many radios with the bad external antenna switch. The radios come to us not activated.  We have had nothing but problems with the Alarmnet website since they went to the cloud based platform.  We can’t fetch or push data.  So we had to go back to using regular compass for programming.  It has become very time consuming to program a panel due to so many unknown glitches.  It happens on almost every panel we try to program. There are a few good tech support personnel left, but the majority have become extremely lazy.  Some do not even want to pull up the account you are calling them about.
          This never used to happen. It is a shame, Honeywell used to be a rock solid company. I am not exactly sure if any of the Honeywell personnel can fix this problem. I would like to hear from others in this thread that might have helpful information to get us back on solid ground.
          In regards to the Honeywell/Resideo communications it does appear that they have some awareness of connectivity issues and are making attempts to correct.
I received the following email this last week.  Please withhold our company and my name if you chose to republish this.
          Honeywell did announce software updates that were schedule for end of April 2024.  I don’t know if that will change anything.
          So far we’ve heard a lot of complaints.  Surprisingly we haven’t had a single positive comment about the Honeywell product, and more surprisingly we haven’t heard from Honeywell at all.
          I’m tempted to recommend that you don’t use the product but I’m not a technical expert and I don’t want to offer a legal opinion on the matter.  This forum offers opportunity for exchange of ideas and experiences, and as far as this product is concerned, there appears to be a consistent negative opinion.  Definitely a great idea to make sure you're Fire All in One is updated and properly executed; you may need it sooner than later.

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