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still more comments on unhappy central station dealer / Slap on politics / Record keeping / new webinar announced - sign up today  
October 21, 2021
Webinar - financing options - sign up today for 10/26 webinar
Title: Today's Financing Options in the Alarm Industry
When: October 26, 2021 12 PM Eastern Time
Topic: various options alarm dealers have today for obtaining financing such as traditional dealer programs, consumer finance, leasing companies, specialty lenders, and your local bank to name a few. There are financial and legal ramifications that dealers should know about when considering how to raise money to sustain or grow their company.
Presented by: Jim Wooster Jr., president of Alarm Financial Services Inc, and Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq.
Who should attend: owners, CFOs, managers
Register here:
still more comments on unhappy central station dealer  from article on October 11, 2021
          I am finally weighing in on the comments about the dealer who was unhappy with their central station.
Bart has really struck a nerve with me…
          Here it is, we have real live people working for our companies who need a good living wage.  Trying to hire someone who wants to actually WORK in today’s ‘you owe me’ environment is getting close to impossible.  I now have more insurance coverage than I imagined when I started in 1969 – and of course each year those rates go up.  This includes EPLI in the event I am sued by an unhappy employee (*such as the one who took me to the State Supreme Court as she did not like coming in when it was raining)
AND NOW Cyber insurance – which I’m thankful for having in place when my company was attacked (unsuccessful, but, it still was a very harrowing experience)
          Over the years I had monitored for about 35-companies and due to their inability to PAY – am down to 2-companies.  I paid my people and yet could not get the ‘cheap at any price’ companies to actually PAY THEIR BILL and so we parted company (one I acquired).
          And then, there was the ‘big shot’ who I sold 2- ADEMCO 685 receivers and he bounced the check (UPS had to make it ‘right’ as their driver did not see the CERTIFIED CHECK REQUIRED being checked off)
          So, the curse of the lowest bidder – to that person I say:  you got what you paid for!!! And have NO REASON FOR COMPLAINING OR WHINING!!
 Joseph Pfefer, President & Founder
Jade Alarm Co.
Celebrating 50+ Years! Peace of Mind Since 1969!
another comment
          It is easy to fall into using the term victim when one loses sight of free will, common sense, and the natural and proper competitiveness of the free market. We all know, or should, the perils of straying from those guidelines into price controls, bail-outs, and crony capitalism.  If you think the free market can be a cruel or ugly system sometimes, at least it is fair to all concerned and simple to understand.  Just look at what it has been twisted into with too much outside interference.  
          In the 1980’s I chose a central station that was literally the most expensive. I did that with research and knowledge but also from the belief that you get what you pay for. Yet my company could not, or I chose not, charge more. Again, those forces of the free market can cause such things. 
          I watched my competitors drive fancy cars (here in Oklahoma, more like pickups), boats, and even airplanes.  I knew what kind of work they did, their costs, and the level of service they provided. So we focused on efficiently delivering a quality product and just let the chips fall where they may. 
          Thirty five years later, we are here and still thriving and most all the competitors of those days are gone, even the large ones changing hands, sometimes multiple times.  And we are still happily and gratefully using the same central station. And their prices gradually came down, and rightfully so, because of the economy to scale their industry can afford (as Ken explains)
          I could be wrong, ancient, unable to think with a modern mind, but in any exchange of goods on natural terms, quality will always win in the long run. Having both parties of that exchange feel long term satisfaction is an essence of business mostly forgotten.  
          Our system has taught consumption at any cost and buyers are rare that respect quality. There is the problem we should lament. But then, we’ve all had some complicity in causing that.
          The minimum wage, as Walt Williams so clearly pointed out, is zero. A living wage is a hypothetical construct that has no meaning. If there are victims here, it’s among those who have fallen into this kind of thinking.  
          I have been asked before, by a ‘professional’ with a college degree and a straight face, if I offered something ‘better than free’.  We shouldn’t be surprised that our $30 trillion national debt has occurred almost exclusively during the time our industry has created that sort of customer mindset. 
          If we can look at the big picture and not our own small one, this kind of thinking has gotten nowhere and is only an illusion that is surely part of the problem.
Zeke Lay
Slap on politics from article on October 9, 2021
          Harrumph!  I’m pretty smart and I will never stop reading the NYT.  I also read the WSJ daily.  I think people need to look at both sides of the divide to try and discern the truth.  You certainly can’t take FOX News as a single source of information or your views will be corrupted by a biased, conspiracy mongering organization purporting to be a news outlook but far more interested in juicing up the animosity that has a stranglehold on our country.  The same goes for CNN.
          I still get the Sunday times so I can check the Book Review and sometimes a few other totally biased articles to make myself sick.  I’ve been much happier with the New York Post, almost a chuckle a day, especially blasting NYC mayor and former governor, Biden and his off-spring.  Tell me, do police bother responding in Minneapolis, Portland and a few other hot blue cities? Do central stations bother dispatching?  By the way, this isn’t a forum for politics, especially if not related to the alarm industry, so let’s keep it that way best we can.
Record keeping
          My father kept the list of my Bar Mitzvah gifts from 1961. And I still keep that list today to determine which cheap relatives get big or small Bar Mitzvah or Wedding gifts! You never know when you will need to go back to old records!
          BUT FOR REAL - Keep documents pertaining to capital improvements (not maintenance) on your property (forever) because when you go to sell (from what I understand) these capital improvement deductions can add up to substantial selling tax savings.
Private & Anonymous 

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