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Should you join Concierge Program
June 19, 2023
Should you join Concierge Program
          I emailed you a few weeks ago with a similar issue of a customer not willing to sign the Commercial All in One. You mentioned that I should join the Concierge Program. I got the impression that when this situation comes up you would be able to help and most your time would be covered under the Concierge Program; is that correct? 
          If I were to sign up could you assist me with this issue?  They want to delete items in the contract.  I also wanted to make it a Master Agreement so I sent them the Rider. This seems to be coming up a lot and maybe it’s time that I invest in your Concierge Program.  I really need help understanding what you offer and if it makes sense.
          I really appreciate your assistance in this matter.
Thank you
          You don’t need to be in the Concierge Program to engage my legal services.  In fact everyone and anyone engaged in the alarm industry is treated as a priority client at K&K and by me.  That means the largest and smallest alarm companies and alarm company owners are treated as our most important clients and they get prompt attention and service.  There is of course a caveat; you have to pay for the legal services.
          So why join the Concierge Program?  I can think if a few reasons:
  *  You get a discount on contracts and on hourly charges
  *  You get even greater access and priority
  *  You get a FREE half hour each month for contract review [which is your immediate concern]
  *  You get one free collection letter each month
  *  You get advance notice of contract sales and discounts
          I think perhaps the most important advantage of the Concierge Program is that you are encouraged to use my and K&K legal services, seek our advice, without hesitation and worry about access, reception and cost.  You will find that you won’t be limited when it comes to “quick questions”. 
          So the Concierge Program is designed to foster a closer relationship with your business and K&K legal services, and especially when it comes to the alarm industry I think that’s a very good idea, for you, and of course for me and K&K.
          So join already and try it out.
PS:  just as I finished this article I received an email from a Concierge Client to review requested contract changes.  I get these requests a few times a day [and BTW I am going to eventually have to close admission to the Concierge Program and create a waiting list].  So I looked at the changes [from a municipality] and comments to the client what we could accept – which was most of it – and what we needed to suggest to them that they accept.  Review took half hour.  The half hour is typical for these reviews and often is enough time to cover a conference with the subscriber’s attorney to work out contract changes, which I do on a zoom call so the changes can be agreed upon and made before we are off the call.  This Concierge Client will see the half hour charge and then the corresponding monetary credit, so review was included in the Concierge Program.

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