Oklahoma -

Section 2-503 - Form of Agreement or Offer - Statement of Buyer's Rights

(1) In a home solicitation sale, unless the buyer requests the seller to provide goods or services without delay in an emergency, the seller must present to the buyer and obtain his signature to a written agreement or offer to purchase which designates as the date of the transaction the date on which the buyer actually signs and contains a statement of the buyer's rights which complies with subsection (2).
(2) The statement must
(a) appear under the conspicuous caption "BUYER'S RIGHT TO CANCEL"; and
(b) read as follows: "If this agreement was solicited at your residence and you do not want the goods or services, you may cancel this agreement by mailing a notice to the seller. The notice must say that you do not want the goods or services and must be mailed before midnight of the third business day after you sign this agreement. The notice must be mailed to:
(Insert name and mailing address of seller)
If you cancel, the seller may keep all or part of your cash down payment not to exceed five percent (5%) of the cash price."
(3) Until the seller has complied with this section the buyer may cancel the home solicitation sale by notifying the seller in any manner and by any means of his intention to cancel.

Section 2-504 - Restoration of Down Payment - Retention of Cancellation Fee

(1) Except as provided in this section, within ten (10) days after a home solicitation sale has been cancelled or an offer to purchase revoked the seller must tender to the buyer any payments made by the buyer and any note or other evidence of indebtedness.
(2) If the down payment includes goods traded in, the goods must be tendered in substantially as good condition as when received by the seller. If the seller fails to tender the goods as provided by this section, the buyer may elect to recover an amount equal to the trade-in allowance stated in the agreement.
(3) The seller may retain as a cancellation fee five percent (5%) of the cash price but not exceeding the amount of the cash down payment. If the seller fails to comply with an obligation imposed by this section, or if the buyer avoids the sale on any ground independent of his right to cancel provided by the provisions on the buyer's right to cancel (subsection (1) of Section 2-502) or revokes his offer to purchase, the seller is not entitled to retain a cancellation fee.
(4) Until the seller has complied with the obligations imposed by this section the buyer may retain possession of goods delivered to him by the seller and has a lien on the goods in his possession or control for any recovery to which he is entitled.