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right to repair law in Colorado / comments on AI   

May 9, 2023
right to repair law in Colorado
          As you may have heard, the Right to Repair Act was recently passed in Colorado's%20governor%20signed%20a%20refreshingly,to%20do%20the%20repairs%20themselves
          While the farming industry has been pushing for this legislation,  I have heard the automotive industry has expressed opposition to it. One concern is the potential risk to the life safety and security industry if anyone is allowed access to panel programming software and codes without appropriate safeguards.
          The Colorado law is not as sweeping and broad as the New York law and affects only the agricultural and farming industry.  The law does not apply to the alarm industry, as the New York appears to cover. 
          I am sure there will be more states passing these right to repair laws and sooner or later they will likely get around to security industry.
Comments on AI from article on April 27, 2023
          In the response you got from the AI request for your contracts and it said to call your firm directly; Maybe AI knows how successful of an Attorney you are, and realized its limitations. It may have run across a Clint Eastwood movie line that said "A man has got to know his limitations," and since AI is trying to be human, it realized it can't beat you. 
         Thanks; modesty constrains me from further response
Another comment
          Speaking of Artificial Intelligence (AI) here’s and article on its integration into the construction industry. Frankly I think it will compel humans to compete and “do it better” so to speak.  Time will tell.
John Drucker 
Fire and Electrical Official (AHJ)
New Jersey. 
          I left the link up but the article doesn’t give a lot of information.  The gist of it is:
          “DigiBuild has been around five years and has automated the job of sifting through suppliers to find materials and working out scheduling. Now, what used to take a team of humans hundreds of labor hours using Excel spreadsheets, notebooks and manual phone calls has been reduced to a matter of seconds with the help of language learning models.”
          So far I’ve just been playing around with AI but its application is really almost beyond most of our experience.  One thing is for sure, AI will never be able to pull wire or screw a device to the wall.  Programming the panel is another story.  Time will tell.
          I just thought of something interesting on this topic, and perhaps there is already an answer.  Copyright and trademark infringement issues have already emerged [the music industry].  So far AI isn’t willing to reveal [assuming it knows] all the information that professionals, like me, are asked about and provide regularly.  But what if AI is asked to provide whatever answer I [or another professional with on-line presence with loads of articles, contracts,etc] would provide.  “What does Ken Kirschenbaum have to say about ……”
          Well, because I clearly have more time on my hands than I should, I just asked AI what I’d have to say.  Not bad for a quick response at no charge!
          what does Ken Kirschenbaum have to say about the importance of security and fire alarm contracts
AI’s Response:
          “Ken Kirschenbaum is a lawyer who specializes in security and alarm contracts. He emphasizes the importance of having a well-written security or fire alarm contract to protect both the customer and the security provider.
According to Kirschenbaum, a comprehensive contract should clearly outline the terms of the agreement, including the scope of services, equipment provided, fees, and warranties. This ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what they are paying for.
Kirschenbaum also stresses the importance of including provisions that address potential issues such as false alarms, equipment failures, and breaches of security. These provisions can help prevent disputes and legal action down the line.
In addition, Kirschenbaum recommends that customers carefully review any contracts before signing them. They should make sure that they fully understand the terms and conditions, and that they are comfortable with the level of protection provided.
Overall, Kirschenbaum believes that a well-written security or fire alarm contract is essential for ensuring that both parties are protected and that their expectations are met.”

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