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Remote operator monitoring by Emergency 24 
November 9,  2023
Remote operator monitoring by Emergency 24
            Thank you again for the opportunity during the K&K 2023 Central Station Webinar Series to share why Emergency24 continues to be the trusted third-party central station for 56+ years and counting. Everything we do is done with integrity and honesty, and we focus on what is best for our customers. We will not ever do anything that would damage our 56 years of success.
            Please note that as I am drafting this note, we are seeing a rise in COVID cases and are returning to mask-wearing in our offices in addition to our normal protocols. However, we will certainly utilize our secure and efficiently managed remote operations to ensure the safety of our employees, enabling them to sustain our crucial role effectively.
            Below is why we have implemented a fully compliant and well-managed remote functionality in our operations that leverages 21st century technology. With this functionality, we use the same care, process, and detail orientation that our alarm company dealers have trusted for decades. I understand this is beyond some central stations, but for Emergency24, we have witnessed significant operational advantages as a result for our dealers.
            In critical ops (acts of God), we can quickly add additional agents into the operations. Pre-COVID, it would take 30 – 90 minutes for agents to drive to the office. Now, it can take as little as 2 minutes.
            We measure our operations and consistently see that these remote agents outperform in-office folks by 8 points in quality scores and 6 calls per hour.
            Several remote agents have earned the top award of Rock Star of the Quarter and Year – the balance of the highest productivity and quality over all others.
It remains a possible backup solution if there is another pandemic or other scare. Having lost an employee to COVID and others are still quite ill, we take this option seriously.
            Here is how we have implemented remote operations to ensure it is a high-quality and secure solution:
  *  We are more than UL compliant and have passed all UL annual audits which include recorded video audits of each location.
  *  Each approved location must be in a locked room and may not have anyone else in the room or within earshot of the operation.
  *  The computer equipment is 100% owned by Emergency24, and the only thing an agent  can do on this remote station is use our UL-listed proprietary automation system.
  *  Firewalls, VPN, and actively monitored webcams further ensure the security and adherence to our strict policies.
  *  There are no dogs, babies, children, or partners allowed at each pre-approved secure location while our agents are working. Equipment is turned off when agents stop working.
            The key to any successful program is that it is managed tightly. We are highly selective on who has the privilege to work remotely. Our agents must meet the following criteria before being eligible to work remotely:
  *  8 weeks of onsite training exclusively in our IL, WI, MD, or CA facilities (all agents work within geographic proximity to one of our monitoring center locations;
  *  A minimum of 6 months of working within our operations, following the initial 8 weeks of training;
  *  Must demonstrate strong productivity, excellent attendance, and strong level of quality;
  *  Remote employees sign an agreement listing the parameters in which they can operate remotely and must safeguard our equipment;
  *  Agents must adhere to audits and use of our webcams at all times when handling signals; 
  *  Managers observe calls, screens, and webcams for all remote ops (which is part of our SOP for our on-site agents as well):
  *  Remote agents unable to uphold our high standards are promptly brought back into our facility for additional training and mentoring.
  *  We regularly bring agents back to our facilities for training to ensure the highest possible quality standards, at least once every quarter, sometimes even more frequently.
            Let me reiterate Emergency24's trailblazing journey in this industry spanning 56 years. Frequently opting for the road less traveled, we've often been pioneers rather than sole participants. From spearheading computerized third-party monitoring and nationwide networks to introducing groundbreaking initiatives like 2-way text communication, active shooter command and control systems, and NFPA-compliant trouble suppression, and, most recently, founding partner with Honeywell's CLSS digital dispatch, we persist in showcasing what's achievable despite any obstacles. Innovation and exceptional service epitomize the American way.
Best regards,
Steve Mayer, VP Operations and Administration
Emergency 24
            The central station webinars were recorded and can be viewed on the K&K website at  Of all the central stations that presented only Emergency 24 stated that it uses remote operators, and it offered justification for doing so.  None of the other central stations presenting stated they use remote operators, other than for a brief time during the Covid shutdown.
            Notably many central stations did not present in the webinar series.  While it may not be fair to assume that those that didn’t present do in fact use remote operators that may not be the case.  It does appear that some central stations are using remote operators and blatantly denying that they do.  Claiming all operators are working from the central station facility may stretch credibility especially when the central station’s parking lot is empty of cars or the central station refuses to give a letter confirming the representation. 
            Of course one could argue that a case against remote home operators has not yet been made.  Certainly Emergency 24 makes a compelling argument that it has sufficient safeguards in place.  I don’t have the technical expertise to argue the point; others do and are welcome to state their position here. 
            I am not aware of a single incident where a central station mishandled a signal and the problem has been traced to a remote operator.  That may not be a good parameter of efficiency or risk, but it’s better than a slew of incidents.  Of course I am not privy to every mishandled signal, yet no one has reported an incident.
            This issue is not over by a long shot. 

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