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Property manager or owner changes during contract / Software webinar today / cs webinars start next week
October 12, 2023
Property manager or owner changes during contract
          We have your commercial contracts [Commercial All in One]. How are transfers typically handled?
          We have a commercial contract signed by the ownership group. A property management company is our main point of contact for services provided. Then the property management company changes. Do we need transfer documentation completed at that point? We don't always know if the ownership group changes if the property management company stays the same when we are working directly with a property management company. 
          We are currently dealing with a situation. One of our commercial properties has been under contract with us since 2018; it’s a 10 year term. This property has changed ownership groups about 3 times and then has changed property management groups at least 4 times. 
          This is issue is common and needs to be carefully addressed.  Here is first thing to remember [after remembering to use the Commercial All in One or the Fire All in One]:  Your contract is with the property owner, not the management company.  While the management company is your contact and has signed the contract it is doing so as agent for the owner of the property.  We know that because it’s a “property manager or management company”.  When an agent acts on behalf of the principal [in this case the property owner] within the agent’s authority [which a property manager would generally have] it’s the owner who is bound, not the agent.  You look to hold the owner to the contract, not the agent.  Only when an agent acts for a non-existent principal or beyond its authority does the agent become personally liable.  Also, obviously the property manager could clearly let you know that it is the contracting party, not the property owner, that it is acting on its own behalf and not in an agency capacity, in which event the property manager is your customer, not the property owner.
          In your case the property manager you knew and who you contracted with bound the property owner to the contract. The owner can change property managers as much as it wants and it remains liable on the contract. 
          Changing property owner is another matter.  If the management company doesn’t change but the property owner does change you need a new contract, or the existing contract needs to be assigned by the original owner and assumed by the new owner.  The Standard Form Agreements are not assignable without your consent, so first step is you approving and second step is new owner needs to assume the contract.
          Keep in mind that if you don’t get a new owner to sign a new contract or assume the existing contract you are likely providing your services without the benefit or protection of the Kirschenbaum Contracts™ and that’s not smart.  You don’t want to be fighting an uphill battle trying to prove that the new owner implicitly assumed the contract.  We don’t know whether that may become an issue because you want to sue for money owed for your services or if the new owner suffered a burglary loss or fire loss and now wants to sue you because you provided the alarm services that somehow didn’t prevent the loss; that’s not a good time to find out you don’t have any contractual protection.

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