Private Investigators and Alarm Installation/Monitoring

The Arkansas Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies Act (ACA §17-40-101 - 107 & other associated statutes) designates the Arkansas State Police as an administering agency to regulate private investigators, private security agencies and individuals or businesses offering security or investigative services.

Through the Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies, the Arkansas State Police administers a variety of licensing functions that involve the private security and investigation industry.

The requirements for obtaining an Arkansas private investigators license include a minimum of two consecutive years of investigation experience. This experience must be documented in writing by the company or agency where the investigations were assigned or ordered.  Applicants must also take and pass the state board exam. 

Arkansas reciprocates on private investigator licenses with the following states:  Tennessee, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  To qualify for reciprocity, the license must be current, and the applicant must have been licensed in the reciprocal state for at least two consecutive years.

Should you have questions regarding those individuals or companies regulated by the State Police or if you are seeking assistance in obtaining a license, you may e-mail the Arkansas State Police Regulatory Services Division or call the office at 501-618-8600.


Security & Alarm Services Statutes | Adobe PDF
Security Alarm Services FAQ's | Adobe PDF