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Party Invitation / Comments on central stations who have been unlawfully compromised 
November 7, 2022

Party Time
Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum’s 2022 Holiday Party is scheduled for December 8, 2022.  We look forward to seeing old and new clients and friends.  Party is in Old Westbury from 6PM to 10PM.  Casual attire; cocktail party.  Space is limited so RSVP is required if you’re coming.  Please email Amy Laveglia at or call 1 516 747 6700 x 313 no later than Dec 1.  Thanks and hope to see you.
Comments on central stations who have been unlawfully compromised from article on October 21, 2022
          We were doing business with a large nationwide third party monitoring station, multiple stations, UL listed, etc.
          About 3 years ago, they got maliciously hacked, thru an unguarded obsolete windows workstation that was on their network.  Their monitoring platform was down for a day or two, they had to go to manual dispatching... hours late as would be expected. They lost a few days' activities records.  Remote dealer access was shutoff for a few days as well.
          What a hassle for us smaller dealers.  Had to be much worse for larger dealers.
As far as I know, they never acknowledged the fact or extent of the hack to any dealers... we were only able to get the above info because we're friendly with some of the mid-level folks there.
          Our accounts are now monitored elsewhere.
Anon in California
          As to a central station being compromised there was a dispatch center ran by an elderly couple  that also monitored alarms; it was compromised in the 1980s in 
Burgettstown Pa., rural Washington County.  So yes, always a valid concern to have eyes on back of one’s head 
Name withheld
          A member of TMA told me about the NY Central Station compromise – but, those were VERY DIFFERENT times….unfortunately!
          In today’s environment, I’m VERY concerned for the safety of my Central Station personnel – thus, the question – so we all could learn more!
          Case in point the reason to NOT have weapon permitted “OWB” (outside waist band) holsters – young 18-year old soda jerk kid murdered in a Baskin Robbins as the bastards shot him dead upon seeing his weapon as they entered the ice store in Arizona – yes, ICE CREAM!
          Here in Kansas City, (years ago) KCMO PD found Mossie Alarm night time service/guard personnel being a ‘little too helpful’ at a furrier cleaners and discovered some ‘gifts stored’ in the now terminated employees’ apartments.
          I rest my case on pre-employment interview process!
Joseph (Joe) Pfefer, President & Founder
Jade Alarm Co
          I have worked for a monitoring center and I've been to several others. I certainly can't speak for everyone, but any monitoring center I've been to has had very robust access control. I guess anything is possible, but I have trouble imagining someone putting on a groucho marx disguise and slipping into any UL listed monitoring center.
          It would hardly require someone in disguise to compromise a central station, though I am sure that most reputable central stations have protective measures in place.  It’s a legitimate concern that dealers, and central stations should and no doubt do have.  I don’t know of any central stations with Fort Knox security, but if any central station would like to chime in with their protocol for safety of their physical premises, let’s hear about it.  Cyber concerns are another topic.

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