Section 4-3-9

Alarm Business License Required


A person or business desiring to engage in the activities of an alarm business in

the Town shall obtain a license in accordance with this Article. An alarm

business shall obtain a separate license for each business name under which the

alarm business conducts business or advertises.


The license(s) required by this Article shall be in addition to any other applicable

licenses or permits required by the Town, county, state or federal government.

Persons engaging in activities described in this Article shall comply with all other

ordinances and laws, including Town of Paradise Valley Code and Zoning

Ordinance, as required to engage in the activities to be licensed. Failure of an

applicant or licensee to meet the requirements of this subsection shall be grounds

for denial or revocation of a license.


Alarm business licenses are not transferable between businesses or persons.

Section 4-3-10

Alarm Business License Application; Fees


Each applicant shall file an application for an alarm business license, or license

renewal, with the director, upon forms prescribed by the director. The application

shall be signed prior to submittal.


Each initial application and renewal shall be accompanied by the fee set forth in

§1.6.2 of the Town of Paradise Valley Master Fee Schedule. Each renewal shall

also be accompanied by payment in full of all outstanding service charges for the

previous permit period. No alarm business license will be renewed without full

payment of all fines and service charges, none of which shall be refundable,

prorated, or transferable.


With the application, an applicant shall also provide proof that the applicant

complies with the licensing requirements of the State of Arizona Registrar of



Contractors. Applicants whose sole business is operating a monitoring agency are

not required to possess any state registrar of contractor licenses.


An alarm business license shall be issued only if the applicant:


Has a primary alarm business license, valid at the time of application, issued

by the City of Phoenix or, alternatively, the City of Scottsdale, and


Meets all the requirements for a reciprocal alarm business license under this



If the primary alarm business license under which a reciprocal alarm business

is issued expires or is cancelled, suspended or revoked, the reciprocal alarm

business license in this Town shall be cancelled or revoked (in cases of

suspension or revocation) on the date the primary alarm business license

expires or the cancellation, suspension or revocation is final.


Reciprocal alarm business licensees shall operate in accordance with this Article.

Section 4-3-11

Alarm Business License Term; Renewal


The alarm business licenses issued under this Article are effective January 1



each year, and shall be valid for a period of one (1) year.


Alarm business licenses permits are renewable annually, in accordance with this



If an alarm business fails to renew the alarm business license within thirty (30)

calendar days after its expiration, or within such time determined by the director,

the alarm business license is cancelled. If the alarm business wishes to reapply

for an alarm business license for the same alarm system at the same premises, the

alarm business shall apply for a new alarm business license.

Section 4-3-12

Failure to Obtain Alarm Business License


If alarm business, including system installation or active signal monitoring, is

being conducted in the Town by an alarm business without an active alarm

business license, the alarm business shall be assessed a service charge in

accordance with §1.6.2 of the Town of Paradise Valley Master Fee Schedule.


Any alarm business conducting business without having first obtained an alarm

business permit as required by this Article shall be notified, in writing, by the

Town that:


The use is in violation of this Article.




Application for an alarm user permit must be submitted to the director not

later than ten (10) business days from the date of the notice.


Service charges shall continue to accrue, until the director receives the alarm

business license application with full payment of service charges and

application fees.

Section 4-3-13

Changes in Alarm Business Licenses


An applicant or licensee shall give written notice to the director of all changes

to the information submitted in connection with any license application or

renewal, within ten (10) business days of the change.


To cancel a primary alarm business license in the Town, the alarm business

shall notify in writing the director and all jurisdictions issuing reciprocal

alarm business licenses. To cancel a reciprocal alarm business license in the

Town, the alarm business shall notify the director. Each cancellation notice

shall include the effective date of cancellation.

Section 4-3-14

Alarm Business Display of License

The alarm business license shall be conspicuously displayed at the central business office

of the alarm business.