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Objections to central station dealer agreement and how to negotiate / Why you should use our central station - webinars continue today
July 21, 2020
Today's webinar:  starts at noon ET.  Register now:

Dynamark Security Centers -  July 21, 2020
Objections to central station dealer agreement and how to negotiate
            I’ve been presented with a Dealer Agreement from my central station and I think it contains onerous provisions that I am not comfortable with.  I know you have a Rider that you recommend.  What other advice can you provide? 
            Here are most of the provisions I don’t like from the Dealer Agreement:
  *  Dealer shall not make any agreement with a subscriber that diminishes the CENTRAL STATION contract.
In other words, their contract trumps your K&K contract with my subscriber.
  *  No funds payable to CENTRAL STATION are funds provided in any way by the US government or agency or instrumentality thereof.
So I am not allowed to have subscribers who are US government entities or affiliates?
  *  Dealer agrees that CENTRAL STATION shall be excused from, and shall not be liable for, any interruption or suspension of, delay in or failure to comply with any of CENTRAL STATION’ duties or obligations, including performance of Services, caused by events, acts or omissions that are beyond CENTRAL STATION’ control, including… labor slowdown.
So they can understaff and just claim they can’t find staff?
  *  For any termination or cancellation hereof prior to the natural expiration of the Term (36 months), other than by Dealer for CENTRAL STATION’ material default hereunder, Dealer shall pay Early Termination Fee. Dealer agrees that Early Termination Fee is not a penalty, but is fair and reasonably quantified to compensate CENTRAL STATION for the amount of damage sustained by CENTRAL STATION due to such early termination or cancellation.
They don’t state what the ET “fine” is.
  *  Upon termination or cancellation hereof, for any reason, CENTRAL STATION may, in its sole discretion, notify Subscribers thereof.
So if I move to another CENTRAL STATION, this CENTRAL STATION is permitted to tell my customers that their supervision is “terminated” even if there was no gap in moving to a new CENTRAL STATION.
  *  Indemnitee may incur or may become responsible for, directly or indirectly, which arise out of or relate or pertain to this Agreement or the performance by any Indemnitee of duties and obligations hereunder, including Services, whether same shall be or alleged to be caused by the negligence of any Indemnitee or otherwise.
Even if CENTRAL STATION is negligent, they are not liable for losses?
  *  If Dealer is obligated to pay the fees and expenses of any Claim, Dealer shall, if and to the extent authorized by CENTRAL STATION’ Legal Department, be entitled to assume the defense thereof, with CENTRAL STATION’ Legal Department-approved counsel. The decision whether to permit   *  Dealer to assume the defense is within CENTRAL STATION’ Legal Department’s sole discretion, and such decision shall not affect Dealer’s duties to indemnify, save harmless and pay all fees and expenses and other amounts pursuant to this Section.
So if CENTRAL STATION is used in relation to one of my accounts, CENTRAL STATION has the right to seize control of the litigation and I am required to pay CENTRAL STATIONs legal fees.
Even if CENTRAL STATION is negligent, their liability exposure shall not exceed $1,000?
            I have never seen a contract so shockingly one sided.  They get to accept my money unhindered yet have no liability even if they fail to perform. 
             Will your central station Rider help me here?
name withheld​
            This topic is particularly appropriate because of the central station 2020 webinars that K&K is sponsoring.  Dealers should be examining their relationship with their central station.  Lots to consider.
            The quick answer is, yes, the Rider will address the issues that are important to any dealer.  Most of the above issues are addressed, as well as others which I think are essential to dealers.  You have to realize that the central station Dealer Agreement is a complex document designed for the central station.  These Dealer Agreements don’t all read the same and there can be strange issues, such as no dealer funds should come from the US Government; that’s a new one for me.  I guess this central station doesn’t want to monitor any government facilities and probably should have said it that way [if that’s in fact what the central station intends].  
            Like any contractual arrangement and contract document, there can be negotiations.  You need to be cognizant of your bargaining power when seeking changes to the “form agreement” customarily used by the central station.  While a central station may be eager for your business, 10 accounts don’t have the kind of sway as 1,000 or 10,000.  
            The Rider I recommend is essentially universal; a one fit for all central station Dealer Agreements.  The Rider hits the essential points, though perhaps not all.  For $500 you get the equivalent of 3 or 4 hours work, which is a tremendous savings.  If the Rider is accepted by the central station then you will have neutralized or reversed some of the more problematic provisions in the Dealer Agreement, and you will provide for a few issues that are essential to you as a dealer which may not be addressed in the Dealer Agreement.  
            The Rider is not intended to be the exclusive bargaining strategy,, but for most alarm dealers it’s sufficient.  In fact, for most alarm dealers my recommendation is that if the central station won’t accept the Rider then just move on, change central stations.  All reputable central stations have seen and accepted, for the most part, the Rider terms.  Why do I suggest changing central stations if they won’t agree to the Rider?  Because the Rider has provisions that every reasonable central station should agree to absent unusual circumstances.
            So the Rider may not be all you need, but it will be in most cases and will also be a great starting point in other cases.  You can get the Rider at

Central station webinars
            I am writing this in advance of the central station webinars start date, so today is the third presentation.  Hopefully they are going well and we have great attendance over the next few days and weeks.
            Not all central stations on The Alarm Exchange have opted to participate as of yet.  You still have time.  Contact our Concierge Coordinator Stacy Spector,Esq at or 516 747 6700 x 304.  You just might pick up one or more dealers.
            And, speaking of dealers, selecting the right central station is important; there’s lots to consider.  K&K is saving you the trip to Vegas and bouncing from one booth to another, stuffing your pockets with candy and pens [not that there is anything wrong with that].  You have and you will be hearing from the best of the best in this webinar series.  
            Keep in mind that any legitimate central station is going to require you to sign a Dealer Agreement.  This isn’t a car rental contract at the airport.  It can be modified and you need to ask for those modifications.  I’ve designed a Rider that applies to every central station Dealer Agreement because it includes all the provisions a dealer should be asking for and is entitled to.  If you are negotiating with a new central station or re-negotiating with your current central station, be sure to get the Rider.  It’s $500 and well worth it.  Order it at in the Monitoring Centers Contracts category.

Central Station* 2020 webinar series K&K is hosting webinars by central stations, one at a time, who will address "why you should be using our central station".  Each webinar will be approximately 20 minutes and then Q&A opportunity.  See what your central station has to offer or what others offer, enabling you to choose the right central station for you.  You should be using a central station listed on The Alarm Exchange to be assured of quality and more importantly, accountability.
  *  only central stations on The Alarm Exchange will be invited to participate
Register Now for the CS webinar series: 

Dynamark Security Centers -  July 21, 2020
Stanley Security Wholesale Monitoring  July 22, 2020

Allstate Security Industries Inc – July 23, 2020
Acadian Monitoring Services – July 27, 2020

General Monitoring Services  - July 28, 2020
Cops Monitoring - July 29, 2020 

Security Partners - July 30, 2020 
National Monitoring Center - July 31, 2020

Electronix Systems Central Station Alarms - August 6, 2020
Central station 2020 webinars

             Not all central stations listed on The Alarm Exchange have opted to participate in our webinar series, "Why you should be using our central station" and I've been wondering why.  Only answer I can come up with is, apparently, they don't think you should be using their central station.  Go figure.
            Our central station's webinars have begun.  Register now.  
            Central stations will have the opportunity to tell you what services they offer, to what extent the services are unique or specialized and what you can expect to pay.
            The webinars offer an excellent opportunity to interact with your central station, scope out another central station, and consider whether you want to move accounts or open new accounts with a particular central station.  Am I encouraging central station hopping?  No, but I am encouraging you to use central stations listed on The Alarm Exchange.  Why, for you, not me.  You get the added protection of knowing that the listed central stations are expected to deal with dealer issues and cooperate with a goal of resolving disputes. Those that fail to co-operate risk having their post removed from The Alarm Exchange.  That may not sound like a big deal to you, but check out The Alarm Exchange central station category.  Every major reputable central station is participating.  If your central station isn’t, move to one that is.  If you don’t, don’t bother complaining to me about problems you have with the central station; I have no relationship with that central station and won’t be able to make a call to resolve your issue.  
            So make some time to attend the webinars, by video or on your phone.  They will all be recorded and you will be able to view or hear them by visiting the K&K website and navigating to the alarm webinars:

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