October 4th, 2023


I don’t think refunds and deductions are being handled properly for my compensation. What’s the best approach with my employer?

Dr. K


That is a great question, one that’s tough to answer, because it really depends on what type of transparency your employer is required to give you and how they are tabulating your compensation, which may be based on a Net Collections construct. Now the "Net" is the important part of the definition because that means "less", so, less of what?  What is being taken off collections before landing in your pocket? 

It is not unusual for employers to be cagey on access and transparency with deductions/offsets to collections for compensation.  Our first step would be to dig into your employment agreement to assess your rights to reporting, potentially an accounting on whether or not you’re being paid properly.  Even with legal representation on the way in many employers refuse accountability and transparency in compensation formulas. Let's see what you signed and go from there...