N.D. Cent. Code, § 51-18-07 (2006)
51-18-07. Buyer responsibility - Services.

1. Except as provided in subsection 3 of section 51--18--05, within twenty
days after a personal solicitation sale has been

canceled, the buyer upon demand shall tender to the seller any goods
delivered by the seller pursuant to the sale, but the

buyer is not obligated to tender at any place other than the buyer's own
address. If the seller fails to take possession of

such goods within twenty days after cancellation, the goods become the
property of the buyer without obligation to pay

for them.

2. The buyer shall take reasonable care of the goods in the buyer's
possession both prior to cancellation and during the

following twenty--day period. During the twenty--day period after
cancellation, except for the buyer's duty of care, the

goods are at the seller's risk.

3. If the seller has performed any services pursuant to a personal
solicitation sale prior to its cancellation, and if the

seller's services result in the alteration of property of the buyer, the
seller shall restore the property to substantially as

good condition as it was in at the time the services were rendered.

4. The buyer may not cancel a personal solicitation sale if the buyer
initiates the contract with the seller and requests

the seller to provide goods or services without delay and the seller in good
faith makes a substantial beginning of

performance before notice of cancellation, and the goods cannot be returned
to the seller in substantially as good condition

as when the buyer received them.