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More on third party fire alarm inspection reporting

June 24, 2022
More on third party fire alarm inspection reporting
          We have personal experience with this process and encourage the use of Third Party repositories; are the inspection records for a public access building public record?
          50 Jurisdiction in California have adopted the Compliance Engine (TCE) By Brycer.
          Every Jurisdiction that has adopted TCE to their ordinance sends out a letter to registered contractors and property owners of the updated ordinance requirements; see attached letter from recent South Marin Fire District Ordinance update.
Every Jurisdiction that we service has had a significant increase in compliancy and the weeding out of those who perform their inspection erroneously.
          One particular instance came up on an account we recently performed a fire alarm inspection at, 2 days after the hired sprinkler contractor performed their inspection; we monitor this facility.
          I requested copies of the sprinkler inspection report to find that said company performed an Annual inspection and 5-year cert in 3 hours and marked internal investigation N/A on the 5 year; building is 2 story with elevator recall, 68,250 sq feet., open air return plenum above t-bar.  WHAAAT?!
          This and many other discrepancies were noted that flagged the two conflicting reports (Fire sprinkler vs. Fire Alarm) to the AHJ; we failed the sprinkler system and the sprinkler company passed it.  The AHJ is investigating the contractor in question that has been doing business the same way for many years, I worked for them for 6 months 20 years ago, but started looking for another job after my first day; the Sprinkler/Alarm company was established 1969.
          This is a perfect example as to why we need accountability in this industry and we Cal-West Fire Alarm Service support 3rd party repositories for inspection reporting, verification, and analysis.
          Building owners and end users rely on us as the professionals to guide them through their life safety requirements; they most often do not have the time, understanding, or knowledge as to what is required of them to maintain their life safety systems.  Educating our customers is a key component.  In California it is perfectly acceptable under currently adopted code for the Property owner to use their own employees to perform their Quarterly, Annual, and Even 5-year sprinkler inspections if they exhibit competency and knowledge to perform said inspections; after all the property owner is the responsible party.  I recently shared this information and hard copy code section with one of my customers who happens to be a property management company that found out by third party review from TCE that their sprinkler inspection company was not performed inspections correctly and falsifying the reports; we discover blatantly falsified reports everywhere we go.
          Next time you’re at Home Depot request their life safety inspection records and see what you get?
          In the Sacramento Area we have several different adopted platforms for reporting our life safety inspections all of which require an upload regardless of status, pass/fail.
List of 3rd party systems we have been privilege to patron.
1.  The Compliance Engine - AHJ established Fee per jurisdiction
2.  Building Reports - (real-time data logger web/cloud based using a cellular connected PDA) Most Expensive option, not widely adopted; contractor use without AHJ mandate as a means of self governance and record keeping.
3.  MobileEyes - No-fees (no Analysis)
4.  IROL - No-Fees (no Analysis)
5.  Acela  - No-Fees (no Analysis)
          Time is our most precious commodity so;
Thank You for your Time!
Jerry VanWagoner, Owner
Cal-West Fire Alarm Service
Consulting & Design
North Highlands , Ca 95660

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