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More on thermal cameras / BIPA Lawsuits - Illinois law / New Webinar - sign up now
June 20 2020
Webinar: Sign up now:
Title:  Understanding Risk Management Issues For Alarm / PERS Industry
When:  June 24, 2020  12 PM ET
Description:    Webinar will explain risk management issues for alarm and PERS industry.  Insurance issues such as type and amount of coverage, best practices, including contracts, common claims the industry faces and how they are assessed and handled.
Presented by:  Bart Didden, Chief Claims Administrator, Security America
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq
Who should attend:  owners, risk managers
More on thermal cameras from article on June 16, 2020
            Your response to Steve Kaufer’s oh-too-social-media-like mentality was about as disarming as it could be. Kudos. I have met many fair and even-minded professionals in our industry; obviously Steve missed his moment to be included in that group. The term ‘fake’ seemed to trigger his Pavlov moment when actually the two words together ‘fake plague’ appeared to be Greg’s meaning. 
            Yes, yes, causing the death of even one is terrible but as a plague, our CCP virus is pretty lame and actually has been mis-characterized often.  The misery to the economy has not been felt yet.  It’s ok, we get what you’re saying Greg; last name or not. 
Zeke Lay
            There are 2 reasons for the spread of Coronavirus:
  1.  The population is too dense.
  2.  The population is too dense.
PS One of my customers sent me this.  Pass it on to ‘’Greg’'
PPS I have a lot a Czechs in my family; the garlic necklace just might work.
Barney O’Donnell
BIPA lawsuits – Illinois law
            Biometric Information Privacy Act is Illinois law governing the collection, storage, and dissemination by private entities of individuals’ biometric identifiers and biometric information [retina or iris scan, fingerprint, voiceprint or scan of hand or face geometry.  Private entities are forbidden from collection, capturing, purchasing, receiving through trade or otherwise obtaining biometrics from a subject without first informing the subject that his or her biometrics are being collected and stored, why and they are being collected and stored and getting a written release from the subject.  Anyone aggrieved has a private cause of action, and this is leading to class action lawsuits; and not just in Illinois. 
            Technology sold and installed by the alarm industry includes biometric technology.  Thermal cameras may be included [I don’t know- just a guess].  I don’t know if the alarm industry is offering to store the data, but I’d advise against it; data storage charges definitely will not be worth the cost of defending a class action lawsuit, even if you are indemnified by your subscriber.  
            More on this as matters develop.

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