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More on problems with new central station   
October 2, 2021
More on problems with new central station
          We moved to a new central station at the beginning of the year using one listed on The Alarm Exchange. Nine months later and we are still trying to resolve with data and billing. Dozens of hours spent trying to sort this out instead of being able to focus on growing our business. Fighting over emails that explain what was promised versus what has been provided. I left the previous central station for similar issues in hope this new and improved company would be better. What recourse do we have to try an recoup expenses incurred by these ongoing matters?
 Name withheld
          Regarding “Dealer unhappy with central station”, we at National Monitoring Center (NMC) would love to help out this dealer, and any other dealers affected by these same types of issues.  
          NMC is a proud member of the Alarm Exchange and we are well known for our “two ring commitment” where we commit to answer our dealers calls in the dealer’s company name with a live operator in two rings or less, and usually it’s “or less”.  With geo diverse, hot redundant central stations in California and Texas, we are the picture of stability.  And as always, our service levels are off the charts good. 
          I encourage dealers to visit our website at, or test our two ring commitment by calling our main number of 800-662-1711. 
          So, I just want dealers to know that NMC stands at the ready to help any dealer that is dealing with service delivery issues. We have the right combination of infrastructure, technology and service to satisfy even the most discriminating dealers. My contact information is below.  Thank you Ken! 
Mark Matlock, VP of Sales
National Monitoring Center
          With new technology, different and incompatible central station software operating platforms, changing communication pathways, is it any wonder that central stations are facing challenges to meet their dealer’s expectations, never mind the subscribers’ expectations.  We are all in the service business and serving our customers to their satisfaction is really what it’s all about.  You hope your customers are reasonable and you need to be reasonable as well.  Any vendor servicing you, central stations included, should be and most likely are trying their best.  It’s when they aren’t that you need to move your accounts, simple as that. 
          But before you move those accounts give the central station a fair shake and make sure its owner or management knows your problem; they probably do.  Find out what they are doing about it.  Maybe a discount or some free monitoring is appropriate.
          Transitioning to a new central station is always a problem.  Those of you who think otherwise are kidding yourself. Two issues come to mind that supports this view.
  *  In buy-sell agreements it’s common to have a guarantee that the accounts will pay for a specific minimum time, and it’s just as common to impose certain conditions that a buyer has to agree to in order to enforce the guarantee.  One of those conditions is that the buyer will not move the accounts to another central station during the guarantee period.  The reason is simple; one of the leading causes of customer termination after a sale is disruption with monitoring because the central station changed
  *  Recently I have suggested that the seller move the accounts to the buyer’s designed central station before closing.  I think this is a better practice, particularly if a buyer doesn’t want to agree to leave the accounts in place for the guarantee period. 
          So getting back to the problem at hand, moving central stations is never as seamless as central station or dealer hopes or expects.  A reputable central station will work hard to solve issues.  Those on The Alarm Exchange are generally receptive to a call from me [which I haven’t charged for, BTW] and I know they are working to satisfy their dealers.  If that wasn’t the case they wouldn’t be on The Alarm Exchange

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