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More on Honeywell fire panel / Napco fire panel issue
April 30, 2020
More on Honeywell fire panel / Napco fire panel issue
            In response to the person with the Honeywell motion sensor problems I have seen a few bad wireless motions from some of the kits ADI sells. I have seen more bad 5816 wireless contacts as well as the slimmer wireless window contacts. They usually don't fail immediately but after a few months in service. I rarely see any issues with their hardwired dual tech motions that seem to work great.
            On another note with Honeywell, I have seen the fire alarm panels under the Silent Knight brand, such as the newer 6808 and the 6700, that were defective out of the box or have software / firmware issues. Some of the firmware issues will keep you from programming the panel. There were also power supply issues on the 6808 where the panel would just die with no trouble indication. When I took it back to exchange it I was told that other fire alarm companies were experiencing the same issues.   
            I don't know if anyone talked about this before, but, on another panel manufacturer, Napco's Firelink 8-32 zone panel, has an internal firmware fault that will cause the panel to activate the horn strobes when a supervisory gate valve is closed while the panel is in a fire alarm silenced state. This happens when doing waterflow monitoring and you put the waterflow switch in alarm and then silence the panel. If you then close a gate valve (supervisory) the panel will reactivate the horn strobes. If you reset the panel, clearing the alarm, then cause the supervisory or activate the supervisory first, it won't occur. It will also do it in alarm from a manual pull smoke/heat or other fire alarm condition.
            I did call Napco tech support and discuss this with them. While I was talking with the Napco tech he programmed a panel in their shop just as I did and, it did the same thing for them. They thanked me for bringing it to their attention and said it was a firmware issue that they needed to address.
  Anonymous Alarm Guy
            Honeywell is no novice when it comes to defending class actions.  I understand a new one was recently filed by some NJ law firm relating to the fire alarm panel.  I guess we will hear more about it soon.
             In the mean time, protect yourself with the Fire All in One.  It's time to update if you don't have the later version 2019 or later.

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