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More on Home with ADT Fire Alarm burns to ground as it relates to working from home issue  
July 3,  2024
More on Home with ADT Fire Alarm burns to ground as it relates to working from home issue from article on June 10, 2024
        Many years ago I was asked by an attorney to look at an ADT residential fire system where the FD was already at the house fighting the fire before they received the alarm and called the FD.  It was a two story house with an open staircase in the front, stair was part of the living room near the front door, bedrooms on the second floor.  The only smoke detector was on the ceiling of the first floor near the bottom of the stair, no detectors on the second floor where the fire started.  Also a problem would have been if a fire had started past the living room in the dining or kitchen area smoke would have gone up the stair opening to the second floor before reaching the smoke detector at the far end.  Good contracts are needed to protect us, but, we shouldn't be relying on contracts to install bad protection to keep us safe and put the subscriber in harms way.  At a very minimum the house needed more than one smoke detector, but, had the installer placed it at the top of the stairs in the open hall instead of downstairs it would have signaled much sooner and may have been of some help. Not sure how the salesperson sold the job and why the installer selected the worst place to put the detector, it was wireless, so placement upstairs only meant he had to walk up the stairs to do a much better job.    
I thought about something like this happening with all of the failing new Honeywell cells.  And I have mentioned it to them a few times also.
They are not addressing this and the only excuses they have are more on the customer/dealer/ or network side.  I have told the repeatedly (15 -20 times)  that DMP, and Telguard all use Verizon and AT&T just like they do and none of them have this ongoing comm fail  problem.  They ignore that statement.
            Not sure I want you  to post this – just yet.   It is just a comment for now.
Home operator discussion- food for thought
      In response to central station operators working from home. I don't like it, but I can go along with operators that handle calls not related to actual alarm signals working from home. What I can't agree with is a home based operator taking actual alarm signals. I can't imagine that the necessary communications pathways in and out of a residence would be as reliable as those dedicated to a central station location, and if there is an outage, I can't imagine the repair time would be that fast. Since Covid really ramped up the work from home trend I've seen various tech support services and other customer support services take a big hit. I've had operators and tech support personnel answer the phone and it be obvious that I woke them up, and have at times had trouble hearing due to the background noise of children yelling, dogs barking, etc. I think everyone needs to get back in the office.
      As part of the work from home discussion I thought this may be of interest to both you and your readers.
Thanks for your contribution to the industry Ken – kindest regards.
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2024 12:56
To: Ivan
Subject: Virtual Security Guard
I would like to work as a Virtual CCTV surveillance operator under you. I can do CCTV monitoring at any time in the morning or night which will act as a virtual security guard. I do it from Bangladesh at a very low cost, because our cost of living is very low, so I can survive on the minimum wage, like 1.50 USD/Per Hour. I will work 3 days totally out of cost to prove to myself how good a surveillance operator I am. If I could make you happy with my work, then hire me and pay me at the end of the month. I trust you, I will work if you hire me, and I will follow your every instruction.
            I have two years of experience remotely monitoring and providing video surveillance services in various countries and industries. I have worked with storage facilities, residential houses, car parking, gas stations, supermarkets, construction areas.
Our CCTV monitoring price list
1 camera: $0.21/Per Hour
4 cameras: $0.30/Per Hour
8 cameras: $0.60/Per Hour 
12 cameras: $1.00/Per Hour
16 cameras: $1.20/Per Hour
20 cameras: $1.50/Per Hour
25 cameras: $2.00/Per Hour
Is there any opportunity for us?
Best Regards

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