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More on Central Station no longer notifying low battery signals / Comments on high legal fees / AIN sale ends tomorrow

January 30, 2024
More on Central Station no longer notifying low battery signals from article on January 13, 2024
          Low battery, missing battery, are sometimes the same signal depending on the system.  In any account a Fire Alarm System is required to transmit all troubles.
In the Security industry this is up to the end user and the service company, in fact California has a new code that allows for MIY (Monitor-It-Yourself) in the fire code and all security systems are allowed to be monitored by the owner without a central station connection; fire code requires approval by the AHJ.
          Now let’s talk about the communicators of which are all considered Performance based technology.
          DACT, DACR, Performance based technology requires monthly testing of the connected phone lines per NFPA72 Ch14 page 72-99; I have not encountered a single company but mine offering this level of service, I don't even think they know it's required, this mostly never happens. This is why every single insurance company has a loop hole to not pay any claim ever as long as they know what to look for (Protective Safe Guards Clause); wait a second, there are several insurance companies on the board that develops the code, read the preface and contributing entities.

          We can thank the Ring, NEST, an Simply safe for these new hurdles.
We only have 2 security accounts and they are in essence MIY.
Customer gets call and checks cameras for need to dispatch, customer calls the police if needed, central station does not dispatch; special instructions.
          Battery status can create a trouble and does if missing, or low; however I just did an inspection where both batteries test FLAT (no amps) but had voltage and the panel did not see this as a trouble; voltage is present the panel is happy.
This may be why NFPA72 Chapter 14 requires batteries to be tested and documented twice per year; Semi-Annual required on batteries, water flow, and supervisory valve tampers under Fire Alarm Code. 
California NFPA25CA Sprinkler code only requires Water flow and tamper testing once per year.
          NFPA 72 2022 Trouble Signals. Upon receipt of trouble signals or other signals pertaining solely
to matters of equipment maintenance of the alarm systems, the central station shall perform the following actions:
(1)* If a received trouble signal does not restore within 15 minutes, communicate immediately with persons designated by the subscriber
(2)  Dispatch personnel to arrive within 4 hours to initiate maintenance, if necessary
(3)  When the interruption is more than 8 hours, provide notice to the subscriber and the
     fire department if so required by the authority having jurisdiction as to the nature of the interruption, the time of occurrence, and the restoration of service.
          Time is our most precious commodity; so Thank you for your time,
Jerry VanWagoner, Owner
Cal-West Fire Alarm Service
Comments on high legal fees from article on January 12, 2024
          You are providing an important service to our vibrant industry. Thank you and keep it up.    
Jim Sr
AIN sale ends tomorrow
          AIN members have until tomorrow to take advantage of the contract sale.  Don’t miss the boat.  Hope you all had great time at the 2024 Live and Learn Convention in the Bahamas.  Thanks so much to Stan and his great staff for putting on the best run alarm convention in the industry.  If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for?  There is no fee to join or stay a member and you get to pick and choose the programs and benefits offered; it’s truly a no brainer to join and if you participate you’ll be well rewarded with great business ideas, opportunities and value for your business growth.
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