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More on additional insured / More on 3G shutdown 
January 25, 2021
More on additional insured from article on January 19, 2021
            I think it is important to point out that if an "additional named insured"  request is honored, it be specifically limited in the language naming the additional insured to acts under the security alarm contract and despite the named additional insured provision it does not invalidate (or reduce the scope of) the limitation of liability clause; important for owners/companies to understand that technically by naming an additional insured without qualifying that provision, the named insured has access to the company's for any claims, whether related to the alarm installation/service or otherwise; to many companies are authorized by their brokers/carriers to just issue the rider for named additional insured upon request- the broker/carrier just don't want to be bothered to deal with this administrative matter of issuing the rider for this coverage also helpful to keep a schedule of which customers have been granted additional named insured status- both for policy renewals and also if intending to sell, as at some point that is a question a knowledgeable buyer will ask and if one doesn't maintain a current updated record, very hard to come up with that information later on.
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More on 3G shutdown from article on January 19, 2021
            Here is some more info on the 3G shutdown.  I was the CFO for Medical Guardian for the past 5 1/2 years I recently resigned my position and refocused my attention on my alarm industry consulting business as of 1/1/2021.
            I sent you this because you had relayed information on January 14, 2021 which I did not feel was very accurate 
Marc Gilbert
            News broke right after New Year's that Verizon was indefinitely delaying its 3G network shutdown . Unfortunately, for PERS providers, the news isn’t what it seems and nothing has really changed.
            Let's break it down: Verizon announced that it was shutting down its 3G network for its individual mobile phone consumers on December 31, 2020 (think your stubborn uncle with an 8-year old 3G flip phone). However, Verizon was always keeping the 3G network active for two more years (until December 31, 2022) for businesses like PERS companies that had devices active on the network. This hasn’t changed.
            “My source at Verizon informs me that nothing has substantially changed. If a [PERS company] has a longevity agreement with Verizon, either directly or through another company, Verizon’s 3G sunset is set for December 2022,” said Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) Chair and telecommunications guru Lou Fiore.
            Let’s not forget, our contacts in the industry tell us that 3G networks operated by all U.S. carriers are likely to decline in quality well in advance of any announced firm shutdown dates, making the need for a LTE migration plan all the more pressing for PERS providers.
            Also, most PERS devices are on the AT&T network, and AT&T is holding firm on its February 2022 shutdown date. In light of COVID’s impact hampering the transition effort, AICC and others are aggressively lobbying the federal government and AT&T to postpone the shutdown in an effort to give companies additional time to replace devices with 3G technology. 
            Thanks for sending in this information

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