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More comments on techs having access to customer cameras
May 31,  2021
More comments on techs having access to customer cameras from article on May 15, 2021
          When it comes to remote access to camera systems, perhaps we are missing a potential revenue source. 
          Security systems have a hierarchy of passcodes and passwords inherent in the installation, service, and use of the system. This has naturally grown from the beginning of the industry.  There are buffers and logs, a variety of ways for security systems to offer flexibility while logging an audit trail. Video recording has not arrived there yet.  A single, often shared, code gets you in the recorder and often getting to the recorder remotely itself is equally simple; with no log.  
          But, solving a problem remotely is to the advantage of both tech provider and customer.  It can happen ‘now’ and customers like that. It resolves several hours of labor sorting, scheduling, and a site visit. 
          Some systems and some customers would pay a reasonable fee for this ability to quickly service some issues while others might generate a lawsuit if they understood the servicing company was doing it or even if they just could do it without them, the purchaser, knowing it was happening. 
          So it seems we should sort the two customers, add a potential revenue stream, and cover our liabilities.  An (inexpensive) add-on Rider or Addendum from our favorite industry attorney might help get us there.            Thanks for all you do in helping us. 
          Every time that I have hired an employee I have issued a company cell phone and a company tablet with that there is the policy that if you use or give out your personal phone number you are fired on the spot 
          Couple of reasons for this: Reason number one is all calls are recorded where I can make sure that the employee is representing our company as they should. If you’re using I Kirschenbaum employment that as you should be there is already provisions in the employment agreement That will protect you as an employer from listening to those phone calls reading emails etc.
          Reason number two is with the push of a button I can completely shut down the phone we use Apple iPhones I attached to an Apple business manager account so before we let them know that they are being terminated we push one button on the portal and locks the phone locks the tablet so they do not have access to any of the contacts they can’t make any phone calls the whole system goes dead immediately. The only thing that it shows is a message that this device is owned by “company name” 
Please call” Office number” if found 
          It’s a very clean disconnect once we get it back we can unlock it and pick up where they left off or if we can’t get back we can remotely wipe the device and make it permanently unusable
          Either way we maintain full control. All it takes is one rouge employee. Being that we are a security company we focus on internal security as well as securing our customers we operate from zero trust and need to know basis. So when you do get that one employee that tries to leave they can’t take your entire customer list and start their own business because they were never provided it. Don’t get me wrong I love kens contracts and I’m sure he would make them wish that they never considered it but in my mind an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and by maintaining control I don’t have to spend thousands in litigation.
          One more thing, if you don’t maintain control of the phone number you stand to lose all of the footwork that they put in every business card that was handed out every flyer every ad etc. 
          I strongly recommend every business owner to maintain control of the phone numbers that their employees are handing out if you don’t and an employee leaves you’ve got one hell of a mess on your hands
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