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More Comments on fire alarm components starting fire
June 1, 2022
More Comments on fire alarm components starting fire
          Jeff Zwirn’s response [May 17 2022 newsletter] in terms of not putting paperwork in fire panels is an interesting twist. Just about every installer I know has done this in the past and quite frankly I kind of think that the design of the metal fire alarm panel enclosures are sufficient to contain heat or short circuits/ fire potential within; but with that said we’ve made it a regular practice to have a separate ‘DOC BOX’ on all our installations.
          Some municipalities now require a separate ‘DOC BOX on fire alarm installations. You should all know what that is but to explain it further it’s a separate metal enclosure on the job site typically next to the control panel that has all the relevant necessary documentation in it and no electronics.  
          We specifically mark that box ‘documentation center’ or ‘documentation box’. Just a suggestion for those out there and always appreciate Jeff’s take on things. 
          Also, is this the reason we’re required to put a smoke detector above the fire panel in most installations?  I always thought it was the opposite that if the fires coming towards or in the vicinity of a fire panel the fire panel can call as its last ‘Hail Mary’ before the fire consumes the fire panel,  but maybe it’s the opposite or both that in case something happens with the fire panel and it causes a fire that the smoke detector will pick it up and activate the fire alarm; but then again if the fire panel is on fire how is it going to effectively respond?
Security One
          The Doc Box does seem like the reasonable alternative to stuffing paper into the control panel.  I think we have sufficiently established that paper in the control panel is not a good idea and may border on, or constitute, negligence, perhaps gross negligence [grossly negligent for not reading and heeding advice in these newsletter]. 
another comment

        Several years ago Wheelock had issues with a power supply. I want to say it was an old powerpath model.  We had one start on fire in a nursing home. Thankfully the smoke detector above it set the alarm off but there was a lot of damage to the wall.  After contacting Wheelock they recalled that model and stopped making it.
          After going through receipts, they sent us a couple pallets of new power supplies.  Unfortunately the new supplies did not fit in the old cans. There was a lot of labor involved.
        So yes, a fire panel or fire power supply can cause a fire.
name withheld
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