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Make the most of your business
December 28,  2019
Make the most of your business   
            Last year at this time I wrote an article entitled “Missed opportunities and changed times”.  It was well received and the message was timely then, and timely now.  I am re-printing part of it below.  Another year has passed and too many of you are still walking alongside the wagon.  Time to get on.  You’re still in the game.  [notice I didn’t use the analogy of “missed the boat”, which may imply that’s it’s simply too late for you].  
            There are so many new electronic systems available that connect to or are related to the security systems that you would be foolish to continue to ignore these opportunities.  I am talking about smart home devices, which I assume work just as well in commercial settings.  I’m a consumer, a subscriber of alarm services, and I want smart devices in my home.  Think I know a few alarm companies in my area?  I do, and most of them won’t get involved with smart devices.  The excuses are many:
  *  There are so many different brands and devices we don’t know about
  *  Too busy with security and fire  to learn all the new devices and systems
  *  Need an electrician to change the switch and outlet
  *  don’t want to do business with a lawyer [probably the only good excuse]
            How complicated could it be to learn the new systems?  You already know all about security systems.
            How involved could it be to find an electrician to subcontract out the electrical part of the job, or hire the electrician full time if you have enough of the work?  
            If you’re really that busy doing your time then how about finding a real subcontractor who knows the smart device business and have them do your installations and service?  You sign up the customer with the Home Automation and Integration Agreement and collect the revenue.  
            Here’s part of the original article circulated last year:
Missed opportunities and changed times from December 11, 2018
            How many blacksmiths do you suppose became car dealers?  After all, they were at the center of transportation.  Not only did they shoe the horses, they boarded and cared for the horses, bought and sold them too.  Many probably owned their barn and land.  Along comes the automobile which replaced horses as the most common form of transportation. If only they had the foresight.
            You still don’t take credit cards?  You still won’t install wireless systems?  You won’t sell or install anything other than burglar alarm systems?  You won’t install fire alarms, access control, PERS or environmental detection devices.  Never mind communication systems and PBX phone systems.  
            Times have changed; big time.  Opportunities are there.  How many will you miss? 
            Some of you are concerned with all the changes.  Mainly, the changes don’t fit with your business model and you’re not keen on changing that model.  You may be right, now may be the time to bale and sell your accounts or company.  Just don’t end up being a blacksmith that turned down the chance to open a car dealership in his barn and watched it go up across the road.

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