Licensure Requirements as per Alarm Systems Contractors Board

Alarm Contractor Company

No person or company shall engage in or hold themselves out as engaging in the business of an alarm systems contractor without first being certified by the Board.

In order to obtain certification as an alarm systems contractor the company must submit application for certification to the Board.

Such application shall document that the applicant has in its employ a "Designated Qualifying Agent" who is licensed by the Board, and is in a management position, responsible for overseeing the quality of operations of the alarm systems contractor.

This individual must be licensed in the same classifications (i.e. FIRE, BURGLAR, CCTV, MONITORING) as the applicant for company certification in order to obtain company certification in those categories.

The company applicant shall provide documentation of the required city and/or county business tax licenses, and shall provide a certificate of insurance documenting compliance with the requirements set forth in T.C.A. 62-32-315.

Renewal Requirements

The renewal period is every two (2) years. You may contact the Board office if you have questions regarding your renewal.