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Last few days of year 2020  / Comment on SimpliSafe 
December 28, 2020
Last few days of year 2020
            Last few days of year 2020.  Unless you're a Sci-Fi buff particularly fond of apocalyptic themes, like viruses, aliens, zombies and other civilization changers, you can't possibly comprehend let alone be ready for what we went through in 2020; what we hopefully will be digging ourselves out of in 2021.  For sure it's not over yet.  Nothing is normal yet.  In fact the only constants are death, taxes and alarm RMR.
            The alarm industry should continue to thrive.  Need for personal security is increasing, not diminishing.  Be sure to push the wireless products as well as the traditional hard wired systems.  There's a budget for all types of alarms, and alarms for all types of budgets.  
            How about diversifying?  Two clients recently commissioned new contracts for Computer Consulting and Service Plan and Digital Sign and Display Sales, Hosting and Service.  Both services outside traditional alarm services but apparently close enough to attract at least some alarm companies.  Guard response and guard patrol is another service that you have to get serious about; you need to offer it, especially in the high end residential market.  
            Everyone can't wait for 2020 to fade away.  Hopefully 2021 will be better, safer and more fun.
Comment on SimpliSafe
            It has been awhile since my last post.  Just to comment about Simpli-Safe, in one sentence, IT IS A TOY.  I wouldn't post this if the general public could read it as SS would likely sue me.  I went to a customer's house who had purchased one of their systems and the customer's words:  "It is junk."  I wound up selling and installing a professional system for the customer who was thrilled with my product. 
            Installation companies in years past were concerned that these DIY systems would kill our industry.  Here is my take on this new generation:  About 15% would try to save money with a DIY, but about 85% of them would just as soon pay someone to come to the house to wipe their butts.  As an industry, we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
As always,
John from New Jersey
            Nice to hear from you; I thought you may have been lost in the great state of New Jersey.  Don't worry about your comments about SimpliSafe; they are protected as "opinion" and not defamatory.  
            I am sure you are right that there's room for DIY and professional alarm services.  DIY comes with professional monitoring, so the industry isn't cut out.  
            The name of the game is RMR.  It shouldn't matter if that RMR is generated by a DIY system or a professionally installed system.  It shouldn't matter to you whether that RMR is based on monitoring, inspection, lease or service.  OK, most of you guys will stop short of offering RMR for butt wiping, but someone is probably making a buck at it.
            Happy and healthy New Year and I hope to hear more from you in 2021

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