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K&K Contracts updated to recognize all NRTLs  / Register for Webinars
September 12, 2023
K&K Contracts updated to recognize all NRTLs
          I receive your newsletters and find the content very interesting, even though most is not directly applicable to me as I work for Intertek Testing Services NA Inc.
          We are a global Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) service company and are recognized as a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) by OSHA. As such, we test and certify alarm equipment to ANSI/UL and other nationally recognized standards. Products we certify carry the ETL Listing mark. In addition to testing and listing alarm equipment, we also have an Alarm System Certification (ASC) Program for which we certify alarm installation/service companies and monitoring centers. Our ASC program is equivalent to UL Solutions’ Fire and Security Service Solution and Factory Mutual’s (FM) equivalent program.
          In talking with my inspectors who audit alarm companies for the ASC program, I have learned that many alarm contracts have verbiage that specifically calls out UL Solutions’ program to the exclusion of Intertek/ETL and FM. Since I can’t review your contracts without purchasing them, I am curious to know if your contracts call out only UL’s program.  If so, can that be changed from UL only, to any NRTL appropriately qualified and accredited to offer the service?
          I appreciate your feedback regarding this and look forward to hearing from you.
 Darryl Engel, Sr. Sales Executive and Business Development
Arlington Heights, IL
1 (847) 439-5667
          Good points.  The Standard Form Agreements have been updated to reference NRTL where appropriate.  I also asked Darryl for some additional clarification and here is his response.  I’d like to thank Darryl for his information and participation; we rarely hear from anyone with a NRTL and we should. 
Additional comment by Darryl Engel from Intertek
          Intertek issues ETL certificates to UL and NFPA standards and we do have a certificate fee also. I certainly would be happy to have a phone call to better explain our program if that would help.
          What confuses many people is the distinction between the UL standards, and UL the testing company. To UL’s credit, it has split its company into three separate entities;
  *  UL Solutions, which is their testing and certification body that issues the UL certificates,
  *  UL Standards & Engagement, which is their standards development body and publishes their UL and ULC standards, and
  *  UL Research Institutes, which does research work in the safety world.
          Too often people mistake the reference to being Listed to a UL standard to mean it has to be certified by UL. In reality, any qualified NRTL can List product to UL standards, not just UL. This is why I ask for context as to how “UL” is being referenced in your contracts. If it’s referencing the UL standards, that’s okay. If it says it has to be UL Listed, that’s where I would like to see the change to NRTL Listed.
          Regarding Edison Testing Labs, a lot of people assume that’s what ETL stands for. Even though it was founded by Thomas Edison originally as the Lamp Testing Bureau, then later renamed to Electrical Testing Labs, it was never actually called Edison Testing Labs; It would make a better story though.
          I hope all of this makes sense. 
 Darryl Engel

         With all the discussion, and dissatisfaction, about management software our first webinar series is by software providers offering comprehensive software programs for the alarm industry.
Title:  Fieldhub: All In One Operations and Accounting Software For Security and Fire Integrators
When:  October 3, 2023  noon ET
Why attend:  FieldHub is a comprehensive software program that integrates proposals, planning, warehouse inventory management, scheduling, field technician mobile applications, invoicing, accounting, tracking systems and devices, creation and linkage of a central station account, and much more
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Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum, Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum PC
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Title:  Innovative Business Software:  operating software for central stations
When:  October 5, 2023  noon ET
Why attend:  Innovative Business Software is central station solution to smooth operation and integration
Who should attend: managers and owners
Presented by: Jen Kolind, President and CEO of Innovative Business Software Inc. 469 556 2822;  
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Title: WorkHorseSCS
When: October 11, 2023 noon ET
Why attend: Alarm business operating software solution for Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue), Electronic contracts and Digital Signatures, all conveniently housed in one unified platform. Streamlines your alarm company's processes with Single Point of Data Entry solution. Integrates with over 40 Central Stations, along with leading platforms like, Alula, resideo, SecureCom, and SecureNet.
Who should attend: Managers and owners
Presented by: Steven Hayes, 941.229.8200
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Central Stations series: Why You Should Be Monitored BY Our CS
Hear from the leading central stations and “Why you should be monitored by” that central station.  The topic of remote operator monitoring from outside the central station facility and the dynamics that issue presents is sure to come up.  The question you need to be asking is why isn’t your central station participating and why are you still using your central station if it’s not participating?
October 17, 2023 noon ET, Emergency 24
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October 18, 2023 noon ET, Statewide Monitoring Corp
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October 19, 2023 noon ET, Legacy Security Services
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National Monitoring Center
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October 31, 2023 noon ET, Rapid Response Monitoring Center

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