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Is Comcast blocking alarm signals / Comment on installing defective equipment / Comment on automatic renewal
May 20, 2021
Is Comcast blocking alarm signals
   I am wondering if other alarm companies have contacted you with the following issue:
          Comcast Internet Users not able to see their cameras or alarm equipment in their mobile devices or at home,
          It seems that new modems from Comcast/ Xfinity Companies are blocking the ports that are mostly used by alarm companies and surveillance companies.
   The Alarm Company installs a Camera System or an Alarm System at Customer’s Joe house.  Once all the equipment is working and responding we get the internet credentials (service provided by Internet Co.)  into the devices for it to
communicate out from alarm or camera system, through internet, to out into their mobile devices/Apps. All works good.  About months later, or weeks, or days later: customer Joe calls saying he is not able to see or access his devices on his App. or remote device.
          We send Technician or Expert Owners, to site and trying all kinds of things, after seeing the same issue with several customers.  We are concluding that Comcast/Xfinity Modems, have a programing that blocks ports used by other alarm companies.
          We have contacted Tech Support for different companies, and some Vendor Companies have heard of the same.
          Please let us know if you heard of this. It seems that it will be a Big Issue, if Comcast keeps blocking customers access to their modem.
 Thank you,
          This is a big issue.  I haven’t heard about it and hopefully some alarm experts will be able to shed some light on this issue.  I’m certainly no technical expert, but could it be that the Internet provider is changing IP addresses for some legitimate reason and that is causing loss of signal?
          If you have idea, please let us know.
Comment on installing defective equipment
          Interesting article on May 11, 2021. You mentioned in your response installing known defective equipment. Does that fall under Jeff Zwirn’s sounding the alarm (no pun intended) of various alarm brands?
          We use DMP 90% but yet Jeff sounds the alarm daily. DMP and UL still remain that the equipment is UL listed.
          Hopefully UL and manufacture supersede Jeff in this manner. 
          Now you raise an interesting point; more of a question.  Will the testimony of UL or the manufacturer be more persuasive than Jeff Zwirn at time of trial; who will the jury or judge believe more? 
          So picture a catastrophic loss caused by fire.  Panel didn’t send signal.  Lawsuit started and you are the only one sued.  Your insurance coverage doesn’t come close to being enough and your carrier lets you know by Reservation of Rights Letter; you’re under-insured for the claim.  In fact, you’re so under insured your carrier tenders the policy, walks away and leaves you to defend the claim.  [once defense costs and total policy limits are tendered the carrier can wash its hands of the claim]. 
          The basis of the lawsuit is that you used a panel that you should have known wouldn’t send a fire signal; the bus issue raised by Jeff. 
          Your defense is that UL and the manufacturer stand by their position that the panel is not inherently defective. 
          There are two issues for the jury, is the panel inherently defective and should you have known or did you know?  Plaintiff’s witness:  Jeff Zwirn.  Your witness: a representative from UL and the manufacturer.
          Outcome?  Unknown.
Comment on automatic renewal from article on May 8, 2021
          Will these new legislation apply to companies like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc. who use auto renewing contracts?
          Yes unless the statutes explicitly exclude them, though the statutes do exclude month to month, which I suspect some of the companies you mention use.

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