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Industry thanks Lee Jones and Jon Sargent  
November 13, 2021
Lee Jones sent in the following bio: [thanks Lee and thanks for your work and contributing to this forum]
          You will note I [Lee Jones] helped build several small alarm dealerships, and contributed to the founding of hundreds more; and dozens of merger/acquisitions for industry leaders.  Including the first 22 acquisitions for Honeywell when I was appointed their first National Sales Manager.  Special note: I also contributed to the founding of “third-party-monitoring” via Lydia/C.O.P.S, for Ira Riklis & Peter Wright.
          Next, we support your opportunity to buy your Dealers distressed customer-sites to gain end-to-end responsibility for the customer, as RMR market value is diluted with excessive industry-wide attrition.
          Next, you questioned my public presentations. Note the nine years of monthly columns in SDM magazine, “Tips N Tactics” and “Marketing Insights” and the dozens of related presentations at ISC East, Central, West… and more.
          Next, for last ten years of my retirement, now 83, I have invested over one million of my retirement funds to share my observations (all pro bono) from inside the entire industry, including law enforcement and municipalities, which has drawn many boos, and much applause, from industry stakeholders.  So, when I say “we”, it includes a sizeable audience.
          Next, “observations” can include updated municipal laws; operational trends; deceptive practices; risks toward attrition; competitive threats and opportunities; the good, the bad, the ugly, etc. etc. Bart, ask about the paper titled, “Disruptive Observations that Offend Industry Leadership”.
          Ken… again thanks for this forum.
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
Comment on Jon Sargent
          Jon Sargent was a long term employee of ADT, and as he suggests, ADT made his job title 100% SIAC operations and he would travel at anytime, anywhere, to meet with public officials and fight for the public/private relationships. 
          He was a great asset and the alarm industry owes him a great debt for accepting the mission, the travel and everything that is not attractive fighting on behalf of thousands of alarm companies that never heard of Jon Sargent.
Bart Didden

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