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How companies are dealing with covid / webinar sign-up
November 4, 2021
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Title:  Borrowing and finance option:  DealerAlly Program
When: November 9, 2021  12 pm ET
Presented by:  Tim Meekin,   President of DealerAlly, LLC
Hosted by:  Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq
Who should attend:  alarm owners, CEOs, CFOs, Sales Managers
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How companies are dealing with covid from article on November 1, 2021
          Thanks for continuing to make this kind of dialogue possible for industry dealers.
          Like many other industry companies, we have also struggled with maintaining the health and safety protection of our customers and our employees, while ensuring we have adequate work force to deliver a high level of response and service. We are not currently mandating covid vaccines for our employees, but are encouraging all employees to be fully vaccinated.  We know that fully vaccinated employees are less likely to become infected, and if infected, normally have reduced symptoms and return to work more quickly. We offer a $250 bonus for those employees who choose to be vaccinated. 
          While field employees, in a customer home or business, must continue to mask, wear protective gear, such as gloves and booties, this is mostly for the benefit of our customers, who appreciate our taking these protective measures, regardless of vaccination record of the employee. 
          For office personnel, if you are fully vaccinated, you are no longer required to wear masks in common use office areas. 
          We also used to pay those employees for time that they were forced to isolate after exhibiting symptoms or significant close exposure to someone who had been diagnosed.  We now have adjusted that paid compensation for those who need to isolate or exhibit symptoms, only if they are fully vaccinated. 
          Those that choose not to vaccinate must use their paid time off or unpaid leave for the mandatory 10 day isolation period.  Since we are over 100 employees, we will be subject to the new rules for mandatory vaccination for all employees, should the Biden administration decide to enforce. 
 Please sign this as
          No requirements for the shot (it’s not a vaccine since a vaccine prevents decease and this one clearly does not). We have had customers ask if an employee is vaccinated and we reply “we don’t inquire on vaccine status of any of any employee. We also don’t inquire if any employee has or had a STD, AIDS or if they are pregnant”.
          Seems like masks and other restrictions are imposed to varying degrees depending on where you are located.  Sad times; too much unreliable media advice and politics. 

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