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    Have a customer going through some issues at home.  He would like to put hidden camera(s) in the common great room/kitchen area of his New York home for the purpose of tracking how much drinking his wife is doing regularly.  Initially we told him that we would not do the install but he went to a local judge who advised him that it was in his best interest to get as much evidence as possible however he can and that while in other situations it wouldn’t be admissible, it can be used in divorce court.  How should we proceed?
    You can install cameras in a residence at request of owner, though not in the bathroom and perhaps not focused on the bed in a bedroom.  
    I have a customer that has switched to a competitor and then notified me in writing,of his intentions to cancel service immediately. He signed and dated a three year service agreement on 12/10/10 with an automatic three year "Evergreen" clause. Of course, the competitor has told him that the "Evergreen" clause is not enforceable. This customer purchased his system outright. This customer is cancelling because someone has now offered him Cellular Communication and Monitoring for less than his existing R.M..R of $25.00. Is this type of clause  enforceable in Texas, as it relates to residential customers. The paragraph requires 90days written notice, which he did not give. I know he has already switched to the other company because his "Weekly Test Signal" did not come in on time.
    The paragraph reads as follows"
(14)  TERM: This agreement has a three year term for service from the date service is operative under this agreement. After the initial three year term, this agreement shall automatically renew for additional 3 year periods, of the same duration, unless Subscriber shall give notice to the other in writing, (e.g., certified mail) of termination at least ninety days prior to the renewal anniversary date at which date, such termination will take effect. Time is of essence with regard to this paragraph.
    This may not be worth the time to pursue because of the consumer laws in Texas. However, this customer would call me every quarter when he received his invoice asking for another copy of his contract and wanted to know what I was going to give him for free, to keep his business. I never increased his original RMR. I understand that a charge for your service may be forthcoming.
    Texas does not have an auto renew statute, [see ] so the renewal would be effective.  Whether a judge will find another way to cancel that contract or excuse the late notice of termination is another matter, and most likely not worth pursuing.
Ken, I just found out about the NJ Consumer Fraud Act and want to be sure all the contracts I just bought from you comply with it.
    The Standard Form Contracts are customized state by state to comply with each state's requirements.  Even NJ [make sure the full legal name of the sales person is on the contract].  If you're not sure you contract is up to date contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312.
Prevailing Wage - Fire alarm system testing from August 29, 2014
    What Stu presents is nothing new.  What he forget to mention is that this is for municipality, county, and state jobs only.......oh yes, and of course union jobs.
    I dare Stu to respond....?  What's that....?
    Only in NYS, what a joke.....we have the best government money can buy...!!

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Title: Learn how to design sales presentations using tablets and computers.

When:  October 8, 2014  12 noon to 1 PM EST.  Sign in on your computer and dial in to participate.  Register here (space limited so register now):

Description:    This webinar will introduce you to sales techniques and tools using tablets and computers to do sales presentations.  Puffington will customize your sales tools utilizing our templates and proven sales presentations designed specifically for the alarm / security industry.

Presenter:  Luke Goetting;  312-620-0704  Puffingston is listed on The Alarm Exchange under Technology that increases or preserves your RMR.

Who should attend:   Alarm company owners and sales managers and sales personnel

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