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FTC considering prohibiting non-compete

April 11, 2023
FTC considering prohibiting non-compete
            Ken, look what the FTC is attempting to do.  Make sure all your readers are aware and comment on their opposition to it!  It will make it legal to STEAL our businesses.
Terry Sprinkle
ProGuard Systems Inc
            I thought we did an article on this.  FTC - Federal Trade Commission - has regulatory power to regulate commerce.  That apparently includes ignoring the US Constitution guarantying freedom of contract. 
            The most important news is that you should be using the Standard Form Employment Agreement, which does include non-compete language, which we customize state by state to address certain restrictions already in place.
            Keep in mind that non-compete is something different than non-solicitation and retaining and using proprietary and confidential business records and information.  These issues are covered in the Kirschenbaum Contracts Employment Agreement.  The Employment agreement should be signed by every employee; EVERY EMPLOYEE. 

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