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Former ATT Digital customer complains to Brink about clip count
May 28, 2022
Former ATT Digital customer complains to Brink about clip count
Brink’s customer complains:
          I made the switch in December to Brinks, but the service charges are not the same. First they count the number of Clips that get uploaded and they all get uploaded.
          There was no video Clip Count/limit with ATT Digital – How many times a spider, flying something, dog or cat tripped the camera didn’t matter. I have been reaching the limit between the 15th and 20th of the month. Zero clips are uploaded after that unless you agree to pay more, so  if a crime happens there’s no record. (Seems like a BIG liability for Brinks). Even if you delete the entire day's clips it doesn’t matter, they just count video clips. (in this case size doesn't matter just the count) I have to turn the camera’s off when I work in the yard.( I am retired so I like to enjoy the yard) Why do I need this stress? In the middle of the night flying insects, spiders spinning webs in front of the camera can use an entire day's clip allotment.
          I live on a flag lot with a shared driveway and have 5 cameras. Even my neighbors coming and going makes clips. Think about if I lived on a busy street how ridiculous count clips is?
I think there's a class action lawyer that needs to fix how both ATT and Brinks misrepresented this for the more than half a million plus ATT-Digital life customers out there. Google said they had 650,000 customers in 2016 so I don't know how many they had at the start of the switch.
          Brinks did respond, let the customer know that there was a clip limit and that it could be increased to 11,000 clips per month for $2.50 per month.  Brinks upgraded the customer and gave a $30 credit, essentially 12 months of upgrade.
          I don’t know if the clip limit is accurate or if ATT had no limit.  I don’t know if the cameras can be adjusted to less sensitivity and whether bugs or wind can cause a clip to be sent.  I’m not sure if any dealers have had experiences like this.
          Here’s what I do know:  You can’t please all the people all of the time.  If this customer is getting notice or alerts every time a clip is sent I can see how it might annoy him, a lot more than the extra $2.50.  I get alerts when someone comes to my front door and sometimes its 10 a day; it is annoying and I know I can change the settings, including not getting the alerts. 
          You do have to be careful making representations to customers and potential customers.  Promotional material may very well be considered even if the alarm contract disclaims the statements.  You can’t advertise unlimited data and then set limits.  While the threat of a class action lawsuit is likely remote for most of you, it’s not impossible and it’s very unsettling if you’re on the receiving end of a class action summons. 
          Scott Goldfine, Security Sales and Integration’s esteemed editor in chief and associate publisher, sent this over; thanks.

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