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 Follow up on funding sources for large jobs  
August 31, 2022
Follow up on funding sources for large jobs from article on August 15, 2022
          You might also include:
          Dawn Bethel at Navitas Bank – she works several different sources of funding depending upon the ‘level’ of the prospect (i.e.; established business v.s. new business and excellent credit rating v.s. not so excellent).
Her office #856-751-3700 or Cell #856-981-7091
          There is a multiplier that is used for the monthly payments AND what she has been able to do for us is provide Jade Alarm with the ability to still retain ownership of the equipment at the end of the payments with a $1.00 or fair market buyout.
NOTE: The more money involved the lower the multiplier rate and she can go up to 72-months and has been able to do zero money down - depending on the strength of the subscriber.
Joseph Pfefer, President & Founder
Jade Alarm Co.
Another comment
          DealerAlly has an answer to Alan's question in the article on August 15, 2022, ``Do you have a company that you would refer to finance jobs for clients?"
          In addition to tailored smart home/security tailored consumer financing for residential customers, we have an extensive portfolio of 30+ Commercial Financing lenders covering the lion’s share of guarantor scenarios tailored for the Security Industry.
          It is important to have a long list of lender options as very few are competitive in all tier credit buckets.  We support tier credit quality A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C+, C, C-. All are designed to help you close now and upsell more by providing low affordable monthly payments. Cash and budget buyers need the most affordable offer possible, especially when cash is not available. In addition, the benefits of the Section 179 deduction are attractive to business owners. This allows them to depreciate business equipment monthly expenses in the same year instead of capitalizing and depreciating the asset over a longer period.
 App only from $5k to $350k
Large Ticket- $350k to multi millions
Corp-Only - $10k to $250k
          It is very easy to apply and provide your customer/prospect another option. I I 888-326-0301
Tim Meekin,  President
DealerAlly, LLC
St. Paul, MN
C - 651-925-7413
W - 888-326-0301
D - 651-400-7474
          Thanks for the additional information.  The Alarm Exchange has a category for Financial Services

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