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Follow up on central station dispatch time  Goodbye to Eddie Keshecki /  free webinar
April 19,  2022
Webinar on assistance getting licensed
Webinar Title:  Filing for and renewing your alarm license
Topic Details:  Once you know where you need the license and what license you need, and you know you’re qualified, The Cmoor Group handles the minutia details filing for the license and has the software to monitor for renewal compliance.
When:  May 3, 2022 at 12 PM ET
Presenter:  Connie Moorhead, President of The CMOOR Group. or call 502-254-1590, ext. 101
Hosted by: Ken Kirschenbaum,Esq
Who should attend:  license holders, license compliance officers, owners, managers
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Follow up on central station dispatch time from article on April 12, 2022
          In the United States the standard for fire alarm monitoring uses language such as "immediately" and allows for "up to 90 seconds".   In Canada the referenced standard for coded properties (ULC-S561) is more prescriptive in this regard, stating that fire service communication centres must be contacted within 30 seconds of receipt of the fire alarm signal without premise verification.  This 30 second requirement is also true for water flow initiating devices.  Electronic means can be used to satisfy the 30 second time requirement. 
Kevin Allison – H.Bsc., CSP, MBA
Vice President & General Manager
T: 888 789 3473 
Ken: re:  NFPA 72 The National Fire Alarm Code 2022 edition.
          NFPA 72 section 17.13.2 indicates the time in which a signal from a water flow device needs to be sent to the monitoring center. The code indicates that the signal from an alarm activation should be sent within 90 seconds.
          NFPA 72 Sections and NFPA 72 appendix A- indicates that a signal from a protected premise should be immediately retransmitted, and the appendix indicates that "immediately" means "without unreasonable delay" and is within 90 seconds.
          In the instance of a water flow alarm, from the inception of the alarm activation to dispatch could be up to 3 minutes.
          Please note that this information is from the 2022 edition. While I do not believe these sections have changed, it's possible that the AHJ in a particular jurisdiction may reference an earlier edition of the code to be followed.
Richard Kleinman
AFA Protective Systems, Inc
Syosset, NY 11791
          It’s interesting that there is different response time for US and Canada for fire alarm dispatch from receipt of signal to call to FD. 
          The 3 minutes rule is also obviously beyond the control of the central station since it relies on two communications, one from the premises to the central station and then from the central station to the FD.

          Keep in mind that this discussion started with the issue of reaching an automated attendant when calling the fire or police department, wondering if the clock stopped for the central station when the call is made, when the call is received by First Responder or when the call makes its way through the automated attendant to an actual 911 operator.  Most comments have not opined on that issue.
          Thanks to the experts for sharing their knowledge.
Goodbye to Eddie Keshecki
               Edward Keshecki died at 68 on March 11, 2022.  Eddie was an expert in fire alarms and so much more.  Many relied on him for guidance and advice for fire alarms and especially NYC fire alarms.
               After a career with the NYPD, and after owning his own Staten Island alarm company (Gotham Alarm) for 20 years, Ed joined the Statewide Fire in Staten Island in 2002. He was initially responsible for all of the research and effort into obtaining our initial accreditation as an NYC Fire-Approved central station monitoring facility, and became a partner of Statewide Fire. Eddie was instrumental with the growth of Statewide Monitoring.
               Ed was NICET Fire Alarm Level IV certified and was an authority figure on all aspects of the fire alarm industry.  In 2009, he chaired the NY Fire Alarm Association Central Station committee, served as President of the NY Fire Alarm Association from 2010-2011, and was honored in 2012 by the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention for “Commitment to Life Safety.” Ed was an active member of the NYFAA Board of Directors – Liaison to Metro Area AHJs, including the FDNY and the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s office. Other affiliations include the NJ Automatic Fire Alarm Association, SFPE Metro Society of Fire Protection Engineers NYC, NJ Electronic Security Association, NY Electronic Security Association, and the Metropolitan Burglar Fire Alarm Association.  He was the first President of the Verrazano 10-13 Association and was a member of the New York Fraternal Order of Police.
               Ed Keshecki was one of the lucky few people to genuinely love his job and career. He enjoyed playing and watching golf. Ed was a man who loved to smile and joke and exhibited unconditional love to his family. He was a wonderful husband, who always made sure to tell his wife Karen just how loved she was by him. His daughters knew they could count on him for anything and treasured the close bond they shared. Ed truly lived his fulfilled life as a devoted husband, father, and grandfather of 2 girls that adored him. Family was most important to him.
               Eddie will be missed by all those who knew him

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