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Follow up on capitalizing on your monitoring accounts / ISC schedule
February 13, 2024
ISC schedule
    I'll be at ISC in April and again sponsoring and conducting informative meeting.  Vendors who wish K&K to schedule meetings for them should contact Stacy Spector,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 304 or now.  Dealers who want to participate in private meetings with me or vendors listed on The Alarm Exchange should also contact Stacy to schedule a time.  Meetings [private and group meetings on scheduled topics] will be schedule for half to one hour, without charge, and conducted at the Palazzo Prestige Lounge.  Times and schedule is limited so please contact Stacy soon as possible to request a topic or schedule an appointment.
Follow up on capitalizing on your monitoring accounts from article on February 2, 2024
          In the February 2, 2024 article I discussed a “new” idea and program that’s really a new twist on an old, though rarely discussed topic.  Most Dealers embrace the RMR model of doing business and have subscribers being monitored by third party central stations.  It should not be surprising to learn that central stations do compete against each other and the more “bargaining” power the Dealer has the better the deal that Dealer can get at the central station.  A recent trend in the industry sees central stations closing and selling their operation to another central station.  While that concept may also be “old”, the prices being paid now are not, they are well above historical multiples for wholesale monitoring accounts. 
          Of course what a closing central station was selling was its dealers monitoring service, the RMR paid by the dealers for the monitoring.  Dealers benefited because the acquiring central station was likely better equipped to provide updated monitoring services, but there was no financial incentive for the dealer in the sale by one central station to another.
          Dealers can now capitalize on their monitoring by committing to a long term relationship with a central station.  The dealer essentially “sells” the wholesale monitoring RMR, but retains and owns the subscriber account.  A select number of central stations are participating in this new “idea”; stepping up to the plate to attract wholesale monitoring. 
          To learn more about this program contact Ken Kirschenbaum.  This will be one of the group meetings to be conducted at ISC in April, so if interested or curious, plan to attend that meeting.  Private meeting schedule will also be announced shortly.  You will be able to meet with me and a number of the vendors on The Alarm Exchange who will be participating in the meetings.  Availability will be announced.
          In meantime, central stations interested in participating in the new program should contact me and so should dealers interested in taking advantage of this program while it’s still available.

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