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Fire and camera contracts
April 2, 2020
Fire and camera contracts
            We don’t do home security; we do a lot of fire alarm and cameras.  Job sites are closing, partner/associated firms closing down (like our network partner) as well as several clients are either not in their buildings or don’t want people to show up, thus hampering even the service flow.  I’m a small company, not that much work going on because of the closures.  What is the correct way for us to write a proposal for fire regarding the correct legal terms for us to use? 
Name withheld
            Let’s deal with fire first.  The fire alarm industry needs to be particularly alert, diligent and hopefully available to the public.  The longer this virus lockdown is in place the more likely we are to experience fires, in empty commercial buildings and in residences, where people are stuck and bound to start doing things, like light candles and overload electrical outlets, that increase the chance of fire.  The fire alarm industry should have plenty of work to keep them busy even if large construction sites are closed, as they are in Manhattan as I write this article.  Trust me, Manhattan will re-open and there will be plenty of fire alarm work.
            The proper contract to use for commercial fire alarm work is the Commercial Fire All in One.  There is no substitute.  In many jurisdictions fire alarm plans and specifications have to be filed and approved by the AHJ, so that establishes the work you have to do.  In areas where the alarm company designs and installs the fire alarm system NFPA 72 guidelines should be followed, especially if the AHJ has adopted the guidelines in the Building Code.  
            While you can use a “proposal” to lay out the scope of work and equipment and price, it’s the Fire All in One that should be signed as the final agreement.
            The Residential All in One covers both security and fire, so it’s one agreement for all systems.  
            The Commercial Security All in One covers cameras.  It also covers all other security, but not fire. 
            The Standard Form Agreements should be used by alarm companies who will be expanding into new areas, new for them, and for those who already use the Standard Form Agreements be sure to keep them updated, at least every two years, though you can check with our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda 516 747 6700 x 312 or to see if it’s time for an update.

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